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Join In On The Ghost Recon Wildlands Single Player Mission Here

Join In On The Ghost Recon Wildlands Single Player Mission Here

Ghost Recon Wildlands

A breakdown of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ single player missions has been placed out there giving 22 minutes of new Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay

We’ve had some pretty good looks at Ghost Recon Wildlands in the past and I am sure we will see a whole lot more as we get closer to March 7th but here we go with yet another one to get us ready to play the single player part of the game here. There is still the multiplayer part coming and heading to beta as Ubisoft is want to do, but here we are to focus on the single player part. Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open-world game after all and even though you will have a squad to control, it should be seen as a huge part of the overall game. Something that seems to be lost in many other titles as of late or more or less a “tag on” instead of something planned for.

Thankfully it looks like Ghost Recon Wildlands‘ single player looks to be the focus for the game more than the multiplayer as the new video shows off just one missions that fills up most of the twenty-minute video. We will have three AI controlled buddies to help us out in the game but seeing as we are the ones calling the shots, and they seem to listen extremely well, it still boils down to us playing the game all by ourselves. Just as a game like this should truly be like. At least that is my opinion here and you can take that as you wish.

During the single player missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands we will still need to worry about our squad being seen and the other various issues that our avatar will need to worry about. It doesn’t look like they will run into the mix and be spotted on their own here, but they can be spotted by roving patrols and such. It also looks like we can execute many different squad commands although we only get to see one of them in action here. We do get to see it fire off in different ways which is nice. Pretty much it makes Ghost Recon Wildlands feel like we are part of the ride and not just dictating it here.

Ghost Recon Wildlands — Single Player Walkthrough

Watch the first single player walkthrough for Ghost Recon Wildlands which highlights gameplay with 3 AI teammates.

Ghost Recon Wildlands releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC March 7, 2017.

It does look like the open world aspect of Ghost Recon Wildlands is truly a thing and not just something that we kind of get as we progress in the game. I love the fact that we can tackle objectives in uncharted territory if we choose and from what looks like the start of it all. I am a bit curious if there will be defined bonuses and negative to doing this or things out of order but it does look like the way that Ubisoft is going with their open world games now. Of course this is all based on the perception I see here and not something directly stated. I guess we’ll find out.

What are your thoughts in the new single player gameplay we have here for Ghost Recon Wildlands? Does it look like the AI will be worth a damn in the final game or will they be such a specific use that they will more or less be a detriment? Do you think the whole gameplay area will truly be open from the start or will there be parts that are locked off due to gear and levels so we will only have the illusion of fully open? Let us know your thoughts on it all down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Ghost Recon Wildlands be sure to stick around here as we will have it all here for you.

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