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Just In Case You Need Some More Borderlands In Your Life Right Now…

Just In Case You Need Some More Borderlands In Your Life Right Now…

Three new short videos based on Borderlands have been released in a series call Tales from the HQ.

If you are eagerly waiting for Tales From The Borderlands to come out so you can expand on the stories of the world, let me offer you these three new shorts in a series call Tales From The HQ. Don’t get them all mixed together though as while both the new game from Telltale and these are only connected in the way of Borderlands characters and environments.

Tales From The HQ is a series of short films made by students at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA who happened to team up with 2K Games and Gearbox. Originally only supposed to one film, now three, and to have been released in December of last year. We can all see that release date was missed but now we have them all here for your viewing please. Isn’t that nice of us to get them all into one location for you?

There really isn’t much to say about these videos that wouldn’t be better explained by just watching them. They all take place in the Borderlands universe but it is highly doubtful that any of this would ever be taken and used as cannon or footnotes in the games proper. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat them as the art that they are and laugh/cry/cheer/boo/high-five as one should. At least none of them are those horrible “artsy” films that get mocked all the time. You know the ones where there are two angsty people smoking for no reason.

Here you go. Enjoy.

Loose Cannon Claptrap

The Darkest Day

The Bride of Frankentrap

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