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Just In Case You Wanted To Go Hands Free Here Is There Came An Echo

Just In Case You Wanted To Go Hands Free Here Is There Came An Echo

There Came An Echo

A new gameplay trailer for There Came An Echo shows off the voice commands in the War Room mode of the game

Who needs the Kinect or the PS Camera when you can control every aspect of a game with your voice like in There Came An Echo? Yes, this feature has been in many other titles in the past and it has been met with great criticism and hatred but why not try it again? It was talked about for There Came An Echo before but we have yet to see anything in the way of actual voice command working for the game. That was until now… (Queue epic movie voice)

In the below trailer we actually get to see all of those promised voice commands in work for There Came An Echo. That is at least in what is being called War Room mode for the game. It also looks to be a mode that is very “Survival Mode” like as it looks like you will have to order your team around to protect whatever is in the middle of the screen. Here, have a watch and see how these voice commands work out in There Came An Echo‘s War Room mode.

Well this looks like it works out pretty well. At least for someone who has a very announcer like voice that can speak completely clear. I am a bit curious on how well There Came An Echo would interpret commands from those with slight or heavy accents. Or for that matter how There Came An Echo will work out for those who are not as eloquent in their speech patterns as the person giving us the demo here. That will be an issue for some time when it comes to voice commands and I’m curious to see if it was overcome somehow.

Until I see that, or hear it, I will keep my reservations about the voice commands of There Came An Echo. It is slated for later this year from the last reports I have read so time is running out to show off this tech to the public to get them all really excited for There Came An Echo. If Iridium Studios can show the game playing with various different accents and speech patterns I think this game will sell like hot cakes covered in marmalade and crack.

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