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Keep Your Mind Together With The New Gameplay For Subliminal

Keep Your Mind Together With The New Gameplay For Subliminal


Gameplay for Subliminal is out there to show off how Subliminal will offer up more realistic horrors than we have seen before

If you missed the original announcement out there for an upcoming title called Subliminal, you can be forgiven as it is a title coming from a very small team and did not seem to grab many attentions out there. That would include ours here originally. If you are continuing to miss out on what Subliminal has in the wings, then that is on you as this new horror title for the PC looks as if it is going to blow the minds of all who are going to experience it. If anything, wait for the amazing visuals and how things will are going to keep pressing forward in a procedural way for it all. At least if the new gameplay we have for the title is anything to look at here.

To start off for Subliminal, this is a new puzzle/horror title that uses things like The Backrooms as a level of inspiration. A title that will be procedurally generating levels with some of the highest levels of raytracing and camera work in the mix to give us some photorealistic views to take in. I feel I need to mention this since raytracing is a massive buzzword in the current space and while Subliminal does use it, that is not what sells these real-looking places and items completely. It is a blending that uses our minds to fill in the spaces that are not fully perceived in the quick mixes. A solid tactic here that also builds into the title of it all.

Subliminal — Gameplay

Subliminal is a real-time software raytraced horror/puzzle game based on the concept of The Backrooms. Endless procedurally generated levels, bleeding edge lighting, hostile entities, liminal spaces, and a sense that something is not quite right…

Explore and free-roam an endless series of liminal spaces, all somehow connected, through perspective and light-based puzzles.

Keep your head up. There is still time.

I do have to say that Subliminal does look like it will look amazing, but it is hard to tell what we are going to have to do in it all. In some scenes here, we are going to just be walking and searching. In others, it looks as if we are going to have some other horrors coming at us. Then in others, we will just be having fun on slides and the like. Given that we are going to be getting some procedurally generated levels in the mix, it feels like Subliminal could have a hard task of telling us a cohesive story. More or less, it feels like there could just be a lot of set pieces with us telling the story we are looking to take away from it all instead. Unless the levels are just laid out differently each time with the same story being told each time…

Did you have your mind blown by the visuals we have here for Subliminal today or do you still need more to do all of that? How do you think the story will flow between all of the different locations in the mix or will it be disjointed along the way? Did you spot all of the other fun brain tricks in the gameplay to have us fill in the gaps or is it all truly this level of fidelity? Wander into the comments below to discuss all of this and more. We have our eyes on Subliminal now, so expect there to be many other updates as we learn more about this title up unto its full launch out there.

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