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Kratos’ Journey Will Be An Every Evolving On In God Of War

Kratos’ Journey Will Be An Every Evolving On In God Of War

God Of War

A new developer diary for God Of War is here to further show us just how Kratos’ Journey has come since the closing of God Of War III

If for some reason you have yet to catch on that the next God Of War will be changing up things in many ways other than graphics, combat, and mechanics then we have yet another developer diary here to help drive that home. More in the how Kratos has evolved as a character kind of way and no other changes to the franchise that Santa Monica Studio has for us. We all knew he was going to be more “evolved” in this God Of War, but now we get to hear more on how he made it to the place he is in now since last we saw him in the third full title. You know, the one that kind of made it seem like there was nowhere to go with the franchise as Kratos technically destroyed the world at the end of it all.

All of that aside, we have another showing of his evolution as well as a description of what has been going on since God Of War III. There is also a lot more on how he is now more of a father and all that, but also to see that his emotions have gone from just angry to a full range. Something I am sure we will see plenty of when the game launches on the PS4 on April 20th. Not too long now and all of us diehard God Of War can see if all of the changes and additions were for the best or if the formula should have been never changed. I have a feeling, given all of the early reviews, that we will be pleasantly surprised and happy with it all.

Have a look at the latest for God Of War now and then get back to the waiting as we are…

God Of War — The Journey Of Kratos

Kratos has come a long way since God Of War III. Learn how he’s evolved throughout the franchise, and how God Of War will challenge his character in ways he’s never before experienced.

Do you feel like you are fully up to speed on all things God Of War and Kratos at this point? Do you see there being some extra sides of the character that we have yet to even hear teased so far or have they shown us the far ranges to expect when the game lands? How do you think the team will carry Kratos on further in these terms if there is another game in the franchise? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For all things God Of War, be sure to keep coming back here. We will try to keep all of the updates flowing to you as best we can.

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