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Launch Out There Into A New World Out There With Forspoken

Launch Out There Into A New World Out There With Forspoken


Forspoken is almost here to launch out there and we have one more little bit for Forspoken

Love it or hate it up to now, Forspoken is on the verge of launching out there and we can see if it is going to blow minds more than the demo did. I know it has had a mixed bag as of late, but that does not change the fact that Luminous Productions has been pouring in all manner of work to give us a great experience. An experience we can look to have when Forspoken lands on the PC and PS5 on January 24th. Yes, that is next week for those trying to keep up. That also means that it is time for the last trailer to pull us in with the launch trailer making its way online to entice us all just a little bit more before the big day.

Unlike many other launch trailers we get over the years, this one for Forspoken is oddly very short. Like, insanely short and only offers up a little bit before telling us that the game is still coming next week. A very odd way to go about promoting the title just before launch when trying to get more of the pre-sales. Maybe the earlier PC explanation was supposed to do more of that heavy lifting, but it is still very odd to have such a short clip filled with “accolades” instead of better reasons to pick the game up. This might not be a great sign for Forspoken if Square Enix is not looking to hype and push it more in the final days of the cycle. We are going to have to wait and see, I guess, while hoping that it is a bigger hit than we could have expected out there.

Forspoken — Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Forspoken ahead of the action RPG’s launch on January 24, 2023.

Are you properly amped up for Forspoken or has it been slipping on your radar for a while now? Do you think that this limited update is a bad sign for it all or just the team limiting what they are pumping out there for us all? What did you think of the updated demo that was available and did it do the job better than any trailer could have? Sound off in the comments below and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. We will certainly have more to share with Forspoken, so please keep checking in for all of those updates and everything else that we might be able to offer up along the way.

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