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Learn More Of The Secrets Within The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Learn More Of The Secrets Within The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will host quite a few secrets within the dark story of Little Hope for us to all find

Following suit as we have seen in the past title, The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is going to be playing with the premonition and secret stuff that we can find in the game to help better the chances of the characters we are watching. This would be the little objects we can find in the stories that Supermassive Games have put together that will give a short foreshadowing of things to come in the story. Sometimes they can be helpful to show us how our actions will end up killing a character and others how things could play out a bit differently. If we are looking to get all of the characters through Little Hope alive, we are going to need these and hopefully figure out before it is too late just what they are showing us. Not something that is always easy to do in these games.

To be fair, this was pretty much expected to be back in Little Hope given how it has worked so well in the last title in the The Dark Pictures anthology and the other title that kicked all of this style of gameplay off. What is fun to see here, though, is that we will be able to unlock various other fun things in the game to experience as bonus content. Nothing that looks to alter the gameplay or anything, but the usual behind-the-scenes videos, images, and a comic book to dive deeper into the world of Little Hope. Again, not the biggest of shocks to see added in here, but a nice surprise to have here just before it launches on October 30th.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope — Secrets & Premonitions

The scares continue in The Dark Pictures Anthology with the latest game in the series — Little Hope. In the upcoming installment of the anthology, four college students and their professor are trapped in the seemingly abandoned town of Little Hope, desperately trying to escape visions from the town’s terrible past that haunts them from the shadows.

Play alone or with friends, face difficult choices that will shape your characters’ fates and unlock some of the hidden secrets that will help uncover the story of Little Hope. Discover bonus content that reveals details on the making of Little Hope, including behind the scene footage, interviews, and exclusive comic, and art books.

Curiosity and thorough exploration will also be rewarded by uncovering mysterious pictures across the journey that will show a possible future within the game. Use those premonitions wisely to help make choices that your characters’ life could depend on!

Was this all to be assumed to be in Little Hope at this point or could they have left it out for some reason? Do you think that we will see more of the rest of the franchise in this way or will it only be here this time and then lost forever? Do these things help drive you to buy games like this or just extras for the weird nerds like me who enjoy how their games are made? Let us know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If there is more to share for The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, it will be up on the site. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more.

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