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Let Us All Go On An Expedition In Far Cry New Dawn

Let Us All Go On An Expedition In Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn

New gameplay for Far Cry New Dawn’s expedition mode has come out of a recent event that will have us going out further than the core areas of this Far Cry game

It is weird to think that Far Cry New Dawn has crept up on us all, but it will be here on February 15th in the mix of a few other games but there is still more to know about it before launch. Well, at least see as there has not been a whole lot shown off as of yet. Ubisoft has played this one fairly close to the chest when you look at how they normally go with their games. In any instance, we have more to look at for this Far Cry game out of a recent event that was held and it brings a new look at how this one will differ from the previous games in the franchise while still building off the last title released.

There is no confusion that the bulk of the campaign in Far Cry New Dawn will be in Hope County after the bombs dropped and nature has reclaimed what it can. Something that has made people question how this is not just an expansion aspect of it all. If you want a better answer to that then look at the Expedition mode coming with the game. A mode that will take players into other parts of the Far Cry world to complete missions and objectives in a solo mode or in a co-op mode depending on how you want to play it all. In fact, we have a new “Let’s Play” video that dives into all of that and how some of the Guns For Hire will work too.

Far Cry New Dawn — Expeditions Gameplay

Let’s play Far Cry New Dawn! We venture out from Hope County to far-flung post-apocalyptic locales in Expeditions. Join us as we lay siege to an enemy-controlled aircraft carrier and abandoned amusement park.

After seeing this for Far Cry New Dawn, it makes sense that this is not just an expansion and Ubisoft did more than slap a new coat of paint on the game. It looks like we are going to have so many new locations in different parts of the world we are going to be in and it is telling when you see the video here that they took their time to remake these locations instead of just dropping us in a generic place and saying we are in Florida now. It may have nothing to do with the core campaign on a grander scale, but it does look like Far Cry New Dawn will have much more fun to offer fans and the franchise outside of the basics.

Are you feeling better about Far Cry New Dawn after seeing all of this or would you have rather seen a completely new game outside of Hope County? How many truly new and unique locations do you think we are going to get to see in the game here or will we have a few basic ones with the generic stuff mixed in once the game launches? Can you understand how this is not just an expansion here or are you still seeing it that way? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more to share for Far Cry New Dawn, we will share it. All you have to do is keep coming back to the site and watch our social channels.

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