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Let Us Changing Our Perspective With The Dan Cam In MediEvil

Let Us Changing Our Perspective With The Dan Cam In MediEvil


Have a look at how the camera system for MediEvil has been altered since the original MediEvil to give us all a better view of everything going on out there

The next video in the Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere for MediEvil is here and all to give us a new perspective on how we are going to be playing the game when it hits the PS4 on October 25th. Not in any weird VR kind of way or that we will need to pluck out our own eye to watch and enjoy. While that would have been cool for Other Ocean to drop on us, that is not the case. What is the case, though, is that we are going to have all kinds of new camera controls in this MediEvil to use to our advantage and explore the rebuilt worlds. Something I know that many of us wished we would have had way back in 1998. The times change as does the technology, which brings us to today.

Not only will we be able to swing the camera around the levels of MediEvil, but we will be able to go in for a full over-the-shoulder view with Dan and go into a kind of “Dan Cam” to get us all further into the action. While it would be interesting to go into a full FPS mode at times, this does let us see all kinds of new things in the world and explore just a bit more. It also adds a whole new element to how we need to worry about MediEvil being laid out. That is just part of the fun to suck us in more, though. Have a look and see just what I am talking about here for the game and the new camera mode we will have to play with. I know I am happy to see it changed up to this form now.

MediEvil — Changing One’s Perspective

Brave soldiers of Gallowmere,

Every kingdom has its share of threats, and the ones you’re about to face seem to have a bone to pick with you! If you think you might have trouble parsing through zombie parts, demolishing demons and mashing these monsters, we’ve got just the trick.

For those slightly fuzzy on the ways of the land (and who wouldn’t be after a few decades?) I present to you the Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere – four episodes of a new weekly video series to remind every loyal knight, new or old, of the essential skills needed to defend the kingdom. No more skulking in the shadows for you!

So pay close attention – the lessons within might just be what you need to win the day. We’ll update this post with the latest info as we rattle closer to launch, so stay tuned!

Is this anything new to you while you have been following along with MediEvil up to now? Do you think this will truly add a lot to the game or will it be more of a distraction as we dive further into the new visuals crafted for us? Would you have liked to see a full FPS or VR mode for this game or do you think that would have been a bit too ambitious for what it all is? Let us know what you are thinking about all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will keep all of the updates coming at you for MediEvil as best that we can. Be sure to keep your eye locked in here for all of that up to and past launch.

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