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Let Us Set The Scene To Fight The Enemies Within Control

Let Us Set The Scene To Fight The Enemies Within Control


More behind-the-scenes videos for Control are out to give us some insight into the music of Control and the basic setting we will be going into

It is interesting to see how much is out there for Control, yet there is still so much about the game that we just do not know. Even when you start to dig down into all of the gameplay we have out there and stills we have seen, it all feels like we have not even scratched the surface of the game. I have a feeling this is by design from Remedy to keep it all feeling fresh. I also have a feeling that it is a way to try to explain Control without needing us all to just play the game. Something I am sure many of us will just do, but the subject matter does seem to lend in that regard since its first announcement.

Moving along on that subject, we have more behind the scenes footage for Control to give us a listen to the music and sounds we will experience in the game. That and a few shorter clips to help set the stage and show off some of the enemies we will face. None of which feels new, but it really is all new. All part of that whole new weird thing I guess. As I said, it is a whole lot of weird and just a bit more for us to take in for Control. Maybe you will see something that rest of us have missed besides just new angles and slightly different shots. You be the judge.

Control — Making Sweet Music

How does fear sound like? How did Ville Sorsa, Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen work together in order to make things like the Hiss, the boss sounds and the eerie atmosphere of Control? Find out in our second audio dev diary: Making Sweet Music!

Control — Setting The Scene

We will be publishing a mini series of short Control related videos in order to quickly introduce players to the game, spoiler free! “Setting The Scene” is the first one.

Control — The Enemy Within

“The Enemy Within” is the second video from our selection of short and spoiler-free Control related videos which aim to quickly introduce players to the game. This time it’s about the Hiss, the mysterious force that has taken over the FBC headquarters, the Oldest House.

Were you able to spot anything truly new for Control here or was it all about the same as we have seen with a few minor tweaks? Do you find it interesting on how they are going about some of the music and sounds with the lengths they are going to capture? Do you suspect that they are holding back to make sure everything looks and feels fresh for launch day? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. I am sure we will have much more for Control in the coming days and weeks. Be sure to keep an eye on the site for all of that and much more.

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