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Let’s All See That Gears Of War 4 Multiplayer In Action

Let’s All See That Gears Of War 4 Multiplayer In Action

Gears Of War 4

The Gears Of War 4 beta may be a few weeks off but that doesn’t mean you can’t see Gears Of War 4 in action right now with a few new bits of gameplay

The Gears Of War 4 multiplayer beta may still be set to be available on April 25th but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to see some of it in action. Looks like The Coalition invited a bunch of VIPs on over to give the beta a go just before the public had a chance and it looks like the videos of the event are starting to make their way online. If only we were VIP enough to get the invite we would have had some sweet Gears Of War 4 gameplay footage up a bit sooner. For now we just have to look at it all second hand.

The general consensus is that this multiplayer plays a lot like Gears Of War 3‘s did but with the advanced graphics and a few new weapons we will be seeing in Gears Of War 4 proper. Specifically the Dropshot; a weapon that fires a floating explosive in the air and then hovers out until you trigger it to drop and explode. Definitely an interesting idea but in practice it looks like there is a lot of room for error but it makes up for that with the new execution you can perform on a ‘downed’ enemy. That is truly spectacular.

There also look to be a new cover-based combo execution added into the mix here as well. The way this all works is if you and an enemy are taking cover on the opposite sides of the same wall you can begin a QTE of sorts and if you succeed you drive a sharp blade right through their face. If you fail it looks like you just drag them out of cover and to your side. Not sure how that could be advantageous but this is Gears Of War 4 here and hopefully you have your team right behind you to take aim and turn the enemy into a blood heap. Hopefully…

Gears Of War 4 — Team Deathmatch Mode On Dam

Gears Of War 4 — First Look Gameplay

What do you think about the new gameplay footage here for the Gears Of War 4 multiplayer? Does it look like it has the same feel as the previous version, as mentioned, or does it look like it is more of its own? What about those new weapons and executions that you might be able to pull off if you are lucky and/or skilled? Let us know down in the comments and discuss. Hopefully we will get more on Gears Of War 4 out of Microsoft in short order but until then we just have to wait for the multiplayer beta to kick off to get our own taste. Stick right here though as we will bring it to you either way.

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