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Lies Of P Will Have Us All Fighting To Stay Out Of The Box

Lies Of P Will Have Us All Fighting To Stay Out Of The Box

Lies Of P

More gameplay for Lies Of P has been released with this new bit showing more of the supporting cast we will have in Lies Of P

The gameplay keeps flowing out there for Lies Of P and we have a whole lot more of it fresh from Gamescom this year. It definitely looks like this Pinocchio story is going to be vastly different than many have thought of, but I guess that was the point when Round8 Studio set out to make this action Soulslike title. That or they wanted to just have some great callbacks to the original IP while giving us all a nice, dark, and gritty version of the tale. That is all something that they have in spades to show us for Lies Of P as we get more of the combat for the game, but also a little look at the various other characters that will be populating the game’s world along the way.

The new footage we have for Lies Of P goes into many of the new and older mechs we will be slicing and shooting our way through in the game, while also giving us a look at Geppetto and Jiminy that will also be out in the world. Even if it does look like Jiminy will be strapped to our belt for a good portion of the game too. I also have a feeling that Geppetto will be more of an upgrading system in the game, given how it all kind of works in the original story. Then again, Lies Of P could be taking a much darker path with all of this and make him out to be the main villain. One that has sent the animal-styled, masked hunters after us to put us all back in the box. Have a gander and see if you will be ready for this game when it lands.

Lies Of P — Gameplay Reveal

Set in the Belle Époque Era, Lies Of P puts a dark twist on the well-known classic Pinocchio.

Awakened by a mysterious voice, Pinocchio must find a way to save the city of Krat from being ravaged by puppets.

Pinocchio, with its special heart, learns how to become a true human by lying.

How do you think these other characters will play into the events of Lies Of P or will they just be there to offer up exposition along the way? Do you think this will stick closer to the Soulslike aspect or will it go closer to the action-adventure side of it all? What else do you want to see show up and will we have the whole donkey events show up in some way? Tell us all what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. More for Lies Of P will be on the way to us all here soon with hopefully a release date to give us. Stick close to the site for all of those updates and everything else that will be on the way to us all.

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