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Looks Like Mortal Kombat X Will Let Us Kill The Tax Season Blues

Looks Like Mortal Kombat X Will Let Us Kill The Tax Season Blues

Mortal Kombat X

A release date and pre-order bonus for Mortal Kombat X has been announced and it is looking downright amazing

Here we have it, the Mortal Kombat X release date. We now know when we should be getting to get back into the gut ripping action and it is now set for April 14th 2015. At least in the NA region for now but if history serves the EU and other regions should only need to wait a few days until they can have Scorpion or Goro dismembering them limb from limb. Or controlling said characters on their console of choice.

Wait a second… Goro isn’t an announced character for Mortal Kombat X is what I am sure you were thinking if you didn’t look up and see the image or embedded tweet below.

That’s right. To go along with the release date for Mortal Kombat X it looks like the first bit of pre-order bonus news is that Goro will be a playable character for those who shell out some money to secure their game in advance. Looks like some people will have a reason to get their taxes done here in the States sooner rather than later to make sure that they can get their copy of Mortal Kombat X and fight as Goro once it launches the day before everything is due. Much better than releasing the game just before the school year picks back up

To see the announcement you just need to look a bit lower at the Tweet sent out by NetherRealm that confirms all of this. I know I am excited to be getting Goro into the mix since I have already secured my battleground in Mortal Kombat X but I am curious if he will feel different than we’ve had before or with Shiva. Hopefully we will see a fighting style video to come out now that the next character for the game has been announced. I am curious on how they broke up everything into three for this one dimensional fighter.

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