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Looks Like We Are Officially Getting A New Uncharted On The PlayStation 4

Looks Like We Are Officially Getting A New Uncharted On The PlayStation 4


A New Uncharted Title Has Been Announced For The PlayStation 4, But That Is Really All That Has Been Said

Today is the day that PlayStation 4 officially hits the streets of North America but that isn’t the only news that Sony wants people focused on. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise but a new Uncharted title has been announced for the PlayStation 4. Something that was kind of a given as it was teased that there was going to be another huge title announced just before the console’s launch. I figured it was going to be either another God Of War title or Uncharted as they are the most logical to show off some of the power of the PS4. Hells, if you remember back to Uncharted 2 that was the big goal for the PS3.

Obviously, to go along with the announcement is an announcement trailer for the new Uncharted. You can see it below. What you won’t really see is anything of real substance as to anything other than the title being announced. Well that and if you speculate that the narration isn’t from the franchise’s main character Nathan Drake, we may be getting a new protagonist for this Uncharted. I’ve seen rumors all over the internet already since the trailer first launched but there has been nothing confirmed. I don’t think we will get anything confirmed for a while at that as well.

It does beg the question of ‘will this Uncharted be the same if it doesn’t star the lovable Nathan Drake?’ I am almost sure it would, but I do think that character kind of sold the franchise. At least it did for me. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see as always. Although I would not be shocked if they used another voice to narrate just to keep the suspense until the logo showed up at the end of the trailer and we will see Nathan back in full action. Either way, let the speculation commence.

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