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Lost In Random Drops The Die On Some Fun New Gameplay

Lost In Random Drops The Die On Some Fun New Gameplay

Lost In Random

Lost In Random is here to give us a bit of randomness with some gameplay to excite us for Lost In Random

Gameplay is out there a bit more for Lost In Random out of the latest EA Play Live event to get us all further into the randomness of this title here. That is something that Zoink is going to lean into for the game with the Even, Odd, and Dicey characters we are seeing here to help us make it through the realms of Random. There is definitely a theme here for Lost In Random and we will get to see more of it all on September 10th on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. All to take on a new action platforming title with an amazing style and tone to the art and design of it all. For those that enjoy this look that many creepy games out there will use as of late.

Not only will Dicey be our companion in Lost In Random to help with the combat and traversal of this world, but it looks like it will add in some bonuses for the randomness too. There will be some dice rolling in the mix that will offer up some booster cards to the game that will give us some extra strength, speed, and/or stamina to it all. Things we can always use when going through all of the events and experiences in Lost In Random. Have a look at the new gameplay for the game just below and see if it will be what you have been waiting for. We still have some more time to wait and see, so maybe they will randomly drop a few more bits of gameplay too.

Lost In Random — Gameplay

Welcome to Lost In Random, a dark and twisted fairytale where anything can happen with the roll of a dice. Together, with your companion Dicey, you’ll battle fearsome opponents as you travel through the six shadowy realms of Random on a mission to save your sister from an evil Queen. Collect coins on your journey and trade them for powerful cards. Then, roll Dicey to freeze time in deadly dice combat and play your cards to unleash formidable attacks, abilities, combos, and more. You’ll also meet unpredictable residents and take on courageous quests as you travel deeper into the heart of Random.

In this thrilling action-adventure game from studio Zoink!, you’ll adapt or perish as you battle inside giant board game arenas that change with every dice throw. Join fearless Even and her companion Dicey as they learn to play the odds and dive into a dark wonderland where only the brave survive.

Have you been excited for Lost In Random before now or was this a random gem that popped up during the event there? Do you think we will be able to trigger the dice rolls when we want or will it only be during very specific places? How do you see Dicey adding into it all more than just this or will that be the only way it all shakes out? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. We will keep the news flowing for Lost In Random as it all comes out there. Just keep your eyes on the site for all of that and everything else that we can get out there for you.

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