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Luna Abyss Gives Us The Key To Infinite Knowledge Through Gameplay

Luna Abyss Gives Us The Key To Infinite Knowledge Through Gameplay

Luna Abyss

Get deep into some new gameplay for Luna Abyss to see just how many new horrors we will survive when Luna Abyss launches

The secrets are still out there but we finally get to explore a little more for Luna Abyss with some new gameplay out there. New gameplay that shows off how we will be exploring, shooting, and surviving in this narrative-driven FPS that is coming from Bonsai Collective. We all needed a bit of a tease since we had the announcement for Luna Abyss and have been left wondering exactly how and what is going on in the mix. While it does not answer everything, we do get a better feel for it all and some hints at the grander scheme. Just like the cosmic horrors that are out there and the game is offering up to us all in a new and different way. Gamers do like their cosmic horrors.

If it was not better known, I could see some mistaking Luna Abyss as another Sci-Fi shooter in the mix out there. It has some of those elements but is supposed to be more of an action title instead. That is why I am guessing we get to see some of the dodging and movement mechanics in action instead of just a bullet-hell scenario in some of these scenes. We are on a “mimic moon” so resources could be limited to explain that, but I think this all builds into more of the core that Luna Abyss is all about. Unless the weird creatures are the only thing that will be off-putting in the full game when it launches. Have a look and see if you are going to agree or disagree with any of that now.

Luna Abyss — Explore The Abyss

Luna Abyss is the debut game from UK-based developer Bonsai Collective. A narrative-driven, first-person action-adventure game set in the depths of the mimic moon Luna. Discover a vast, derelict colony; deep within the belly of the ominous mimic moon. Fight twisted cosmic horrors in intense, fast-paced, bullet-hell combat.

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC and console.

Is this at all what you were expecting from Luna Abyss since it was announced or does this a deviation from what you thought it could be? Will there be more shooting in the game than expected or will there be some limited resources along the way and we will need to run and jump instead? How deep into the cosmic horror side of things will we go here or will it be just the reasoning behind some of the creatures? Tell the whole world what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to do so. There will be more for Luna Abyss, so please keep checking back for all of those updates and everything else we have to offer up along the way.

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