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Mafia 3 Is Getting A Little Fast & Furious With New DLC

Mafia 3 Is Getting A Little Fast & Furious With New DLC

Mafia 3

Another batch of free DLC has come to Mafia 3 and this time it adds in a few more outfits into Mafia 3 as well as car customization and racing

More DLC is here for Mafia 3 and this time it looks like 2K Games is bringing something that fans have been asking for since the game’s first launch back in October; racing. That’s right, Hangar 13 has put together all of their heads and brought us a new racing mode for Mafia 3 as well as some car customization in the mix for making those races more fun and more exciting. That and there is also a nice, new, shiny car to win if you can make it through all of the races as the winner. Not too shabby and all for the low price of FREE for those who have Mafia 3 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That would be all the platforms and no exclusives to be seen just yet.

As it comes to the customization of your vehicles in Mafia 3, it looks like there will be over fifty different options to select from between your car’s decals, exhausts, wheels, and other items. I’m not sure that is fifty total items or fifty for each category but why look a gift horse in the mouth here when we can just enjoy the free stuff and then wait to see if we are going to get more. We can’t be too greedy when it comes to our games about being greedy with revenge as the scapegoat. Mafia 3 wouldn’t be a Mafia game if it didn’t have all that mixed in.

You can look for all of these options in Mafia 3 as of right now in terms of downloading them. In terms of finding them in game, you’ll have to wait at least until after you have your first “sit down” with all three lieutenants before it opens up in the game world. Hopefully you’re not that far behind in Mafia 3 or if you are then you can rush to get to that point in the game. Especially if you just got the game for the holidays and such.

Mafia 3 — Custom Rides And Racing

Trick-out your fleet of cars in all new garages now open across New Bordeaux. Race your custom rides throughout the city to win unique car customization parts and prizes. Win every race to unlock the Grand Prize: the unrivaled Griffin Marauder convertible!

In addition to the racing and car customization in Mafia 3 here, we are also getting three new outfits to put Lincoln in when he goes out to cause his havoc. “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke” and “On the Prowl” come with this new update and look to be just added in once all is patched up. Then there is a third, “Classico” as well as a new revolver called “Il Duca,” for you as well as long as you sync up your Mafia 3 game to your My2K account. Once that is done then these will unlock for you and you can take them out for a spin. Maybe even whack a few people and get them all blooded up. I’m just saying…

Are you glad to see that racing and car customization will now be yours in Mafia 3? Do you think that this is a truly great addition or will it break from the core game too much and distract us all? How many different outfits do you have already and do you still need more? Let us know and discuss down in the comments. For more on Mafia 3 and all of its DLC, be sure to keep yourself right here as we’ll keep bringing you all of the news and updates that we can get our grubby little hands on.

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