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Maneater Is Looking Very Impressive With These New Screenshots

Maneater Is Looking Very Impressive With These New Screenshots


New screenshots are here for Maneater to show us how impressive Maneater is going to look using the Megascans library that is out there

Fresh on the heels of the last big update for Maneater, we have more screenshots to look at for the game to get us all further hyped up. Not that we had any concern that Blindside Interactive was not going to be doing all that it could to impress with the visuals, Tripwire Interactive has dropped us with some new visuals. All of which are poised to show off how Maneater is going to be using the Megascans that are now part of the Unreal 4 engine the game is running on. That would be the extremely detailed textures of real-world objects that are free to use for all of our games to give them more life. Given that they are all based on the real side of things, there is not much to say in terms of reusing the images to keep us all grounded out there.

The tech side of things all said, it also gives us all one more look at Maneater before it hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 22nd. It does beg the question if the Switch will be able to keep up with it all but I guess that is why there is a bit of a delay between the release for the rest and the Switch. Optimization for the quality it can pump out and all. Especially when you need to be able to see all of the detail in the Apex Predators out there like the Sperm Whale and the further evolutions we will have in Maneater all throughout. Have a look at what we have now and get ready for the month or so wait until the game can be in your hands.

Publisher and developer Tripwire Interactive announced today its use of Quixel Megascans, a leading online library of scanned data, in the creation of Maneater. Access to the Megascans library’s vast array of scan data has been a valuable resource for the creation process, giving Tripwire artists a strong base of mesh and texture information to build from and allowing developers to bring the varied and unique open-world environments to life in Maneater. The highly anticipated action RPG where you play as a shark, is coming soon to PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System, and Xbox One on May 22, 2020 with a Nintendo Switch release following later this year.

Maneater is a single-player action-RPG (aka a shARkPG), in which players must fight to survive as a baby bull shark. Grow in power as you explore a wide range of underwater environments, from swamps and rivers to beachside resorts and the deep blue sea. Your only tools are your wits, your jaws, and the uncanny ability to evolve as you feed. Eat, explore, and evolve the ultimate killing machine in Maneater.

What are your thoughts on Maneater after seeing how the teams are using the tech to their advantage? Do you think that it is going to help keep us grounded in the real world with it all or will the setting and story always take us out of that? Do you suspect it will look the same on the Switch or will they have to downgrade the 4K textures for the platform to get it to run? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. For more on Maneater, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep it all coming to you as best as we can.

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