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Marvel’s Avengers Beta Is Further Explained & We Are Getting Hawkeye

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Is Further Explained & We Are Getting Hawkeye

Marvel’s Avengers

The latest War Table for Marvel’s Avengers is here and with it comes all the details for the upcoming beta and a look at one more Avengers character

Before we had the dates that the “beta” for Marvel’s Avengers was going to run, and now we finally have more of the finer details as to what we will get to experience during those times. The PS4 gamers are still going first then to be followed by the Xbox One and PC gamers, if you remember what Crystal Dynamics put out there before. Now it looks like we are going to get to play that opening twenty-five minutes of Marvel’s Avengers on the Golden Gate Bridge to get us used to the controls and experience set in. After that, more of the game will be opened up with us able to use Hulk, Kamala Khan, Black Widow, and Iron Man in the various modes. Some of which are basic survival and horde modes but others can continue on some of the side stories we will get to see in the game.

Speaking of, one of the modes we will get to experience will team Hulk and Kamala up in as they head out for some Avengers fun in the mix of it all. All to show off the various landscapes we will have at launch and moving forward in the game, and leading to another boss fight with the Abomination. Kind of a cool little thing as it will give us some nameplates to show in the future even if none of it carries over. Well, that is if you do not do any of the three HARM missions that will let you carry over some cool Avengers gear into Fortnite. I know, it is not exactly the same, but it is something to further entice us all in for the game and keep us trying to experience all that we can here.

To add to that aspect, we also have word on the next character that will be joining the Avengers after launch. As you may have guessed, it looks like Hawkeye will be joining in the fight and bringing his different style of play to the game’s world and expanding on the core story even more. How that will be exactly seems a bit odd, but I am going to guess that it will be used to explain some of the other parts of the bigger story that does not make sense until you know it was Hawkeye or another setting things up. Still pretty cool and the announcement also hinted that there are already three other characters in the pipes for Marvel’s Avengers post-launch. At a minimum, that is, as this could go one for quite some time and be a way for Marvel to tell various other interactive stories when they are not able to do so on paper currently.

Marvel’s Avengers — July War Table

Today, Square Enix released the second Marvel’s Avengers War Table digital stream, providing an in-depth look at the game’s upcoming beta program, which begins on August 7.

Viewers who watched the Marvel’s Avengers War Table were the first to get all the amazing details about the wide array of content that will be available in the beta, including several single-player missions, as well as a large selection of additional missions that can be played solo with your AI Avengers team or co-op with up to four players. In one mission, players take on the role of young Super Hero Kamala Khan and team up with Hulk as they infiltrate an AIM base in the forests of the American Pacific Northwest, hot on the trail of the last known location of JARVIS. Later they take the Quinjet to a remote War Zone in the frozen Russian tundra to uncover SHIELD secrets hidden in a deep underground bunker.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta will provide players with a comprehensive hands-on experience of the game ahead of its worldwide launch on September 4.

During the Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream, it was also revealed that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players who link their Square Enix Members and Epic Games accounts and complete the beta’s three HARM-room challenges will earn the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe with bonus Hulkbuster style in Epic Games’ free-to-play game, Fortnite.

Spoiler Alert! The Marvel’s Avengers War Table gave a sneak peek at one of the first heroes that will be added to the game after launch at no additional cost: Clint Barton’s Hawkeye. In an original story-arc inspired by some of the best-known Hawkeye moments in the comics, players wield Clint’s iconic high-tech bow and trick arrows in missions either solo or co-op online with friends. Hawkeye’s story will continue to move the entire Marvel’s Avengers narrative world forward, and all-new missions are accessible with the entire roster of playable heroes. More information about this and additional post-launch content, including the new villain and other content debuting with Hawkeye’s story, will be available soon.

Are you just ready to get into the beta for Marvel’s Avengers or do you think you might sit it out until the full game is released? Are you glad to see that Hawkeye is coming in and in the form he is or would you have wanted a different character to make the jump? What other characters do you suspect will be on the way in the future and will they all need to be core characters from the team? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If there is more for Marvel’s Avengers, you know we will have it all here for you. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more as we head into the future here.

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