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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Has Geared Up For One Last Fashion Show

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Has Geared Up For One Last Fashion Show

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

With the launch of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, we have one more look at how we can customize our Hunter for the Midnight Suns

The day is here and darkness falls on us all with the launch of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We have had a whole lot of build-up and excitement out there for it and now we can dive into it all. For those that have not been overly hyped up for the game or are ready to give Firaxis Games‘ new title a go, we have one more push to entice you all in. Here we have a look at how we can customize The Hunter out there as they join the Midnight Suns in the game. Not all of the options, but more along the lines of how some of the team have made their own version of the character to show off just for us to help celebrate the launch of the game.

While I am sure we have more options to go with in the full version of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, this showcase does not make it feel like we have a vast set of options to me. This could just be how those involved went about crafting their Hunter in the game, but they all seem sillier and odder just for the sake of that. Even if some of the warrior types do look fairly cool in this mix of looks. You can see this short showcase below, or just head out there and pick up Marvel’s Midnight Suns now and make your own. Given that we will have more options as the game progresses, a video like this is not going to show off all of the best options we will be able to uncover along the way out there. It is just time to head out and make my own now.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns — The Hunter Fashion Show

Work it, Hunter! It’s time to SLAY!

Whether you’re slaying demons or SLAYING it on the runway, we’ve got what you need to customize your Hunter accordingly. Strategize your wardrobe with these tips from strategy gamer extraordinaire, Christopher Odd.

Launch your epic Marvel adventure now!

Have you been looking to dive into the mix with the Midnight Suns today or will you be holding off for a bit instead? Do you think these variations are a great representation of what we will have in the game or is this just a few humans having a bit of fun? How different will we be able to make our Hunter later in the game and will we ever be able to change the facial structure to our character down the line? Give us all of that feedback you have on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. When we have anything else to share for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it will be on our site for you. Please keep checking in for all of that and everything else that we can offer up along the way.

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