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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Shows Us The Worst Things Than Death That Magik Will Bring

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Shows Us The Worst Things Than Death That Magik Will Bring

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Magik is finally here for Marvel’s Midnight Suns to show off a bit of what she will be bringing to the Midnight Suns roster

The queen of Limbo is finally ready to make her debut into Marvel’s Midnight Suns, with Magik now stepping out to say hello. We all knew this one was coming, but it is nice to finally get to see and hear how she will function in the game based on Firaxis Games‘ interpretation of it all. It certainly feels like this is another of the core characters that the Midnight Suns are going to need to make sure things are properly handled out there. If not, then things would be looking fairly grim for the team when December 2nd rolls around and we get this experience on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

It is nice to see this mutant in action and it certainly looks like they are keeping the ego on her in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Not to mention that some of her cards look as if they are going to be all about banishing others into Limbo or pulling other elements out from it. Not to mention the amazing use of the Soulsword too. Now that we have been properly introduced, we will just have to sit and wait for the next big breakdown for the character to soon follow. As long as the video flow for Marvel’s Midnight Suns stays the same as it has been up to now. We only have so much more time to get them all out there and still so many more characters to go through. Maybe even a few more surprises before the official launch too.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns — Meet: Magik

The Queen of Limbo has arrived!

Join Magik and Marvel’s Midnight Suns when the game launches on December 2!

Have you been excited to get to see Magik here and glad to see a little of what she will add to the Midnight Suns team? Do you think she will be sending everyone straight to limbo or will that just be used to help move Magik about the game space? How much damage will be done by the Soulsword over the use of her other abilities she is known for? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments to get the discussion flowing for this new character. As more for Marvel’s Midnight Suns gets out there, you know we will be sharing it all here with you. Please stick around and keep checking back in for all of that and so much more out there.

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