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Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Is Getting A Definitive Edition Now

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Is Getting A Definitive Edition Now

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

A new definitive edition of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is announced and will bring all of the DLC and updates into one Shadow Of War package

If you were holding out on playing Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War it looks like your holdout may be over soon. Unless you were holding out for other reasons, it looks like all of the content that Monolith Productions has put out there for the game so far will be coming in one package now. A new definitive edition of the game has been announced and coming to our PS4, Xbox One, or PC on August 28th now. Not with any of the usual visual updates that games get in these editions, but a nice little package where all of the DLC and updates for Shadow Of War are in one place for $59.99 USD. Cheaper than if you bought it all from the start or as it was released.

The Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Definitive Edition will house the main game with the four Story and Nemesis expansions that have been released to date. It will also give you the experience of the game where all of the major and not-so-major updates have been applied. You will not need to worry about those microtransactions rearing their head anywhere and get all of those skins and modes added on right from the start. So you can play it all as they intended as well as how gamers intended. Nothing major to scoff at there.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War — Definitive Edition

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War — Definitive Edition

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Definitive Edition will feature the main game, along with the full Expansion Pass, including additional story campaigns, missions, playable characters, Orc tribes, weapons, abilities, enemies, a new region and much more.

  • Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Main Game
  • Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion
  • Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion
  • Blade Of Galadriel Story Expansion
  • Desolation Of Mordor Story Expansion

Additionally, Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Definitive Edition will bring together a multitude of different enhancements and free content updates, from a richer campaign experience and streamlined post-game Epilogue to new player skins and the complete removal of the market, in addition to hundreds of other improvements since the release of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War. A snapshot of the updates available for players includes:

  • Market Closure: Complete removal of the market and microtransactions.
  • Updated Post-Game: Streamlined post-game Epilogue (formerly Shadow Wars) with new narration from Shelob, the Witch-king and Dark Talion, plus new Masks of the Nazgûl player rewards.
  • Nemesis System Enhancements: Numerous improvements bringing further depth to combat encounters and player interactions, along with added traits and behaviours for Orc enemies, more Legendary Orcs to encounter and more ways to get Training Orders.
  • Powering Up: Follower level cap has been increased to 80, enemy Captain level cap has been increased to 85, greater XP rewards, new Prestige skills, upgrades and more.
  • Gear Upgrades: Players can now use Mirian to raise the level of a piece of gear to their current level and use gems to re-roll abilities.
  • Skins: Added player skins for Celebrimbor, Eltariel, Dark Eltariel, Baranor and Serka.
  • Online Pit Fights & Conquests: Added search feature to challenge specific players’ Overlords and fortresses in Friendly Mode.
  • Endless Siege: Added feature to defend fortresses against never-ending waves of Sauron’s forces.
  • Rebellion: Added feature to crush rebel Ologs and Uruks who undermine the Bright Lord.
  • Photo Mode Upgrades: Capture every battle with new filters, frames, and textures.
  • Difficulty Levels: Added Brutal and Gravewalker difficulty levels.
  • Player Stats: Added player stats page to track in-game enemy kills, dominations and betrayals.

I do have to say that it feels odd to have this version of the game releasing here with under a year from when Shadow Of War first launched. It is almost as if Monolith Productions could have put out this full game if they took a little more time to do the work instead of getting it out and fixing or updating along the way. Usually we see these kind of packages years down the road to bring new interest into the game before the next big one is announced. Now we can own it all for the cost of a new game and that does not sit well with me at all. At least those who did not pick it up at launch will get a great deal and all of the gameplay that was intended for it all.

What do you think about this Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Definitive Edition we have coming soon? Does it bother you that it came so quickly from the original launch or does it make sense given all of the updates and DLC that have been placed out there thus far? Did you hold out for specific reasons or did you figure this was coming and you could make a huge savings and get to play the full game as intended? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is anything further for Shadow Of War, we will update you here. Just keep checking in.

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