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Midnight Ghost Hunt Gives Us A New Cinematic Look At The Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt Gives Us A New Cinematic Look At The Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Get ready to go on a new Ghost Hunt here with the latest we have today for Midnight Ghost Hunt

The hunt still continues for the launch of Midnight Ghost Hunt, but we have a nice new little bit we can take in here today. A new bit of a cinematic to make sure we all know that Vaulted Sky Games and Coffee Stain are still getting this game ready to hit us on the PC at some point. There is still no solid word on that end, but we have some more fun to look at for Midnight Ghost Hunt. At least for those that are looking for a good four versus four hide-n-seek game where we will play as ghosts or as ghost hunters. Hence the name and a bit of a description for those that have not been keeping an eye on this since it was first shown to the world.

While it is nice to get something to remind us that Midnight Ghost Hunt, this is just a bit of a cinematic and nothing in terms of the gameplay. Thankfully, it does serve as a reminder that those that truly want in on the game, they can join in the beta tests that are still going on for it all. You still need to luck out and get selected in, but it is an option for those that are still overly impressed with Midnight Ghost Hunt based on what we have seen before now. I cannot say much about my experience as of yet, but it has been a title I have been keeping an eye on and watching how it has evolved since they started letting players in.

Midnight Ghost Hunt — Cinematic Teaser

Watch the Midnight Ghost Hunt cinematic teaser for the upcoming ghostly 4v4 hide-and-seek game.

Playing as a ghost, you’ll be able to possess different pieces of furniture while keeping your distance from the hunters. As a ghost hunter, your job is simple: find and destroy all the ghosts before midnight. Once the clock strikes midnight, the tables turn and the ghosts (including those who’ve been caught) will return to take out the hunters.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available to wishlist now.

Are you ready to experience Midnight Ghost Hunt for yourself or will you be waiting to give it a play when it is all done? Did you need this reminder for the game or would you have rather seen some new gameplay in the mix here? Have you been able to experience the Alpha or Beta up to now or will you be trying to get in after this? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for Midnight Ghost Hunt is going to be on the way, so keep checking in for all of that and more. Hopefully, it will be a short time until we get something truly new to look at for the game.

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