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Mirror Forge Will Be Taking Us To Other Worlds This Year

Mirror Forge Will Be Taking Us To Other Worlds This Year

Mirror Forge

New gameplay for Mirror Forge is here to show us when Mirror Forge will be launching out there

Get ready to jump into more horror out there with Mirror Forge, which is slated to hit the PC on September 29th, and dive a bit further into some realism. This is the upcoming title coming to us from MystiveDev which is looking to blend some of the bigger titles together with taking some inspiration from them. Those titles are Silent Hill and Stranger Things, which you can easily see here in the latest trailer we have for Mirror Forge. Not to mention, a better description of what we will get to experience as we see some of the real world pulled into it all too. Something that I have a feeling many other titles will start to do as well in the coming future.

In Mirror Forge, we will be playing as Thomas Jackson who has had a rough go at things as of late. It all started by causing some pain as a drunk driver. Mostly by putting his partner in a coma and killing their baby in the mix. Then COVID hit and caused him to lose his job out there, which is where that realism comes in, and then followed up by Thomas attempting suicide. All of this places him in a weird mental state where he is not sure if the events of Mirror Forge are in his head or the repercussions of some weird experiments in the world that opened up paths to a different dimension. All with the body horror and other psychological elements these titles always need to bring with them. Have a look and see just what I am talking about with all of this.

Mirror Forge — 2022 Trailer

Mirror Forge is an upcoming, first-person Silent Hill/Stranger Things inspired psychological horror game set to release September 29th, 2022 currently for PC. It is developed by MystiveDev — a full-time solo developer. Roam between realities of fear, madness & machinery. Solve puzzles, explore an atmospheric world, survive horrifying entities in an immersive storyline where your choices matter.

In Mirror Forge, you play as Thomas Jackson, a troubled ordinary man who got drunk two years ago and crashed his car in a tree, putting his girlfriend Jill in a coma and losing their baby. A few months after that, the Covid pandemic starts and he loses his job. Depressed, he tries to commit suicide.

Although you might think everything’s happening in his head, a paper found in the game reveals that there was some strange experiment where the Mirror Forge exploded and shattered space and time, tearing the multiverse apart. Then, something came from the Outside, an omnipresent force that feeds on people’s darkest fears, twisting reality to face them with their inner demons.

The newly-released trailer shows new features of the full game, revealing that there will be new core mechanics such as: going through mirrors to traverse between dimensions, using ancient artifacts to reveal moments frozen in time, semi-open world environments, and chase scenarios.

How are you feeling about Mirror Forge after seeing what we have here today? Do you think it will live up to the inspiration titles out there or could it become its own thing? How many more titles do you think we will see that will use the real-world pandemic to drive some of the events in the game or will they be few and far between? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. If we have more to share for Mirror Forge, know that we will have it all here for you. Just keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.

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