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Moons Of Madness Will Be Driving The Consoles Mad A Bit Later Now

Moons Of Madness Will Be Driving The Consoles Mad A Bit Later Now

Moons Of Madness

Delays have hit Moons Of Madness for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game so those gamers will need to wait until March to jump into Moons Of Madness

Here we go with one more delay for our video games, as Moons Of Madness on the PS4 and Xbox One will not be hitting us on January 21st now. Not the biggest of issues for those PC gamers out there as the game has been out there for the PC since October, but some out there were looking to experience Rock Pocket Games‘ crazy title on the consoles. Those that were holding out for Moons Of Madness on the consoles will now have to wait until March 24th for both. Kind of a massive delay, but it will be filling some of those missing slots from other titles now.

As for the reasons why we have the delay for Moons Of Madness, I will give you one solid guess. Yes, it is to allow the team to ‘polish’ and optimize the title for the consoles out there. Not something I would imagine would be too difficult as Moons Of Madness does use many of the traditional FPS controls and is not overusing any GPU power on the PC side of things. It is what it is and now we have to wait just a bit longer. At least if you do not want to just jump in and give the game a go on the PC right now. You game as you wish though.

Moons Of Madness — Launch Trailer

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of Moons Of Madness, originally scheduled for January 21st, has been postponed till March 24th. The delay will give the developers more time to optimize the game for console.

Moons Of Madness is a first-person cosmic horror game mixing Mars exploration with Lovecraft. It was released on PC on October 22nd, 2019.

Are you upset at all for this delay on Moons Of Madness or does it feel like a good thing given the gaming vacuum that was created in March? Have you already played the game and this affects you in no way at all? What do you think still needs to be optimized for the console version of the game here or is it a generic excuse as usual? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As there is more for Moons Of Madness, we will keep you updated here. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that here.

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