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More Monsters Will Be Roaming The Streets Of Dying Light 2

More Monsters Will Be Roaming The Streets Of Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

New monsters are here for Dying Light 2 as we get a new bit of gameplay to show off how they have evolved from Dying Light

The streets and gameplay in Dying Light 2 will be of very little effect if it were not for all of the horrors and monsters lurking around. I am not talking about the other humans that will be mixed in, but all of the infected that Techland has spent quite a bit of time on to add in here. Some from the previous game and others to show off how the world and infection have been evolving since we last jumped into the world of Dying Light. Jumped in via the previous game release and not in the way that the gaming community has been embracing it for the years since it launched. That by itself is its own beast. But I digress and it is time for us to take in some new gameplay and infected that we will have roaming around and trying to end our lives.

In this new gameplay for Dying Light 2, we get to follow Aiden aim to survive a run through an abandoned hospital. Nothing too dangerous except for the fact that it is filled with hibernating infected and we get a little more on the stealth mechanics we will need to perfect in the game to survive. Even if it does lead up to some of the faster and more intelligent infected taking notice and we need to parkour our way out of the building here. Just as one would always expect things to play out in the world of Dying Light. Only here we get to see how the AI works a bit more and how the lighting will play an even larger role in the gameplay experience of it all. We will have some UV lights that may or may not hurt the infected long enough for us to make it into the sun. Something that we will have to keep doing in the game to make sure we do not turn into one of the growing numbers of infected out there.

Dying Light 2 — Monsters

Follow Aiden’s steps as you make your way through the abandoned GRE hospital.

Horrors of the night lurk in its corridors, so be vigilant.

Will you survive?

The second episode of Dying 2 Know shone a UV light on several types of enemies—including the Revenant, a brand-new infected species—and their transformation process. During the show, viewers learned about how Techland creates the terror-filled, challenging night in Dying Light 2.

Does the gameplay flow about how you would have expected here for a Dying Light title or is this all to build some tension for the bigger threats out there? Do you like some of the newer creatures we have mixed in here and will we see them more than just in specific scenes and events in the greater game? Do you think we could see a game over screen if we do not make it to the sun in time or will we be able to become the zombie once more? What are your thoughts on all of this? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. We will have more for Dying Light 2 and when we do, it will be on the site for you. Just be sure to keep running by to see all of that and much more as the days become nights…

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