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More Things Will Stalk Your New Shelters In Green Hell

More Things Will Stalk Your New Shelters In Green Hell

Green Hell

The next content update for Green Hell is here and brings new animals and plants as well as modular shelters to keep you safe in the Green Hell

Survival in Green Hell may have just become easier or harder depending on how you want to look at the latest update that has come to the game. It is currently in Early Access for those who wanted to give it a go on PC and if you been keeping up with it all then you may know that there are more animals out there in the wilds now. Do not get too concerned, though, as Creepy Jar has also released modular shelters in this new update for Green Hell to try to help out. Most of which was outlined when the Animal Update was announced not too long ago. It is just here for the testing now so it can be fully ready for all platforms when the team is ready to launch.

You can see more details down below, but this update brings in eight new animals into Green Hell. Insects are also being treated like animals and there are more mixed in too. It also brings more plants and other constructions to help you along the way with those illnesses you may be picking up. There is also a Hunter Challenge that will set you out there to hunt down ten different things over ten different challenges. There has to be more added into Green Hell besides just the survival side of things after all.

As for the modular shelters of Green Hell, you can get a better feel for how they will look and work in the following trailer. As you would assume, we will have a list of what we can build in our notebook and then will be able to lay it all out as we wish. Roofs, walls, beds, and much more to help with the survival. Now give it a watch, download the latest update, and I will see you out in the Green Hell.

Green Hell — New Feature: Modular Shelter

The humid depths of the Amazon rainforest have never been more dangerous with the addition of predators like the Puma and the Brazilian Wandering Spider, but all hope is not lost. The ability to create your own shelter will now offer a safe haven from the hazards of the outside world and new remedies can be found among the plants and herbs of the lush rainforest foliage. How long can you survive against the dangers of the unknown? See all the new features and additions below;

Animal Update Additions

New Animals

  • Two Armadillo Species
  • Bats
  • Brazilian Wandering Spider
  • Puma
  • Toucan
  • Tapir
  • Red-Footed Tortoise
  • Caiman Lizard

New Plants & Herbs

  • Discover new medicinal cures for your illnesses

New Survival Constructions

  • Food Dryer — Preserve your food to last longer
  • Lumber Stand — Keep your camp tidy with storage for the wood you collect

New Modular Shelters

  • Configure your undefined shelter layout with the modular construction system
  • Learn more about the modular construction system in this video!

New ‘Hunter’ Challenge

  • 10 different species, 10 different hunts to complete your challenge

Are you glad to see these shelters here for Green Hell or will it be another resource you do not want to keep track of? How do you feel about the other creatures added into the world here and which do you not want to run into? Will this make you pick the game back up in the mix of all of the other titles out there or will you be holding off until final release? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Green Hell, keep coming back here. We will keep it all housed for you so you can make sure you know it all.

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