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The New Hotwire Multiplayer For Battlefield Hardline Looks Intense

The New Hotwire Multiplayer For Battlefield Hardline Looks Intense

Battlefield Hardline

A new multiplayer mode for Battlefield Hardline has been detailed and has a new trailer from EA and Visceral Games

What would the cops and robbers style of Battlefield Hardline be without epic car chases through the city? It wouldn’t be worth its weight in platinum multiplied by a hundred if it didn’t have that kind of gameplay included somehow into the game. Good thing that EA and Visceral Games thought ahead for all of us and included just that in the Hotwire Multiplayer mode of the game. Yes, there will be some epic car chases coming to our PS4s, Xbox Ones, and PCs here in short time and I have a feeling that they are going to be some of the most intense matches to date.

Here, have a look at the recent gameplay trailer for the Battlefield Hardline Hotwire Multiplayer that was just recently released. Then we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of what it all entails.

Crazy and intense right? If you didn’t think so from that trailer then you can get out right now. If not then here is what we have on the new multiplayer here for Battlefield Hardline.

So from the sounds of it in Hotwire for Battlefield Hardline you will need to steal cars and drive them around town trying to lose the cops, or capture the criminals if you happen to be a cop. We will all be able to “ride shotgun” to aid or have a full ride to ramp up the insanity in the shootout. Since doing “cool jumps” in the game will add to your overall score it looks like the crazier the better if you ask me as it is all about collecting tickets or making them “bleed” tickets depending on the side you are on.

Also, it looks like that tracking dart from Battlefield Bad Company 2 is back for Battlefield Hardline. For those who don’t know, that is as it sounds, it is a tracking dart that can be affixed to a target or their vehicle. Once that is done, all of your team can now see where said target is as well as “lock on” with weapons from a distance for a quick and easy kill. I see broken controllers in the near future if you ask me.

If you want to know a bit more you can head over to the official blog for Battlefield Hardline.

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