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New Technology Is Being Learned In Endzone: A World Apart

New Technology Is Being Learned In Endzone: A World Apart

Endzone: A World Apart

A new update for Endzone: A World Apart is here to show off new technology trees in Endzone along with some new Scenarios

A new update is out there for Endzone: A World Apart fro those that are in the Early Access, but also to help entice more players to join in all of the fun. It looks as if Gentlymad Studios has been listening to all of you playing on the PC and have added in some new technology for us to build in our settlements. That and a new tech tree we will be able to go down in Endzone to get our areas fully up to speed and advancing with Knowledge points along the way. A resource we will need to build if we want to unlock things like wind turbines, bigger warehouses, and hemp weaving mills. Just to name a few for right now.

With these additions also means that there will be some more hardships in Endzone to keep the rest of the game evolving too. New scenarios, missions, and expeditions are also in this update to keep us challenged with the ability to expand a bit more. One of them dealing with radioactive rain that could come in and destroy all of our hard work. That is if we do not put all of the correct preparations in our towns before it happens. All to make sure we are also learning along the way with Endzone as we might need this information in our real lives if the world keeps pressing on as it is. Have a look and get ready to make a nice big download.

Endzone: A World Apart — Technology

If getting an education, even during the apocalypse, is priority one for you, then you’re in luck — publisher Assemble Entertainment has announced that the latest content packed-update for Endzone: A World Apart is now live and (virtual) students are especially welcome. Rather than pitting players against ghastly, ghoulish enemies, Endzone: A World Apart challenges players to survive and thrive in an unforgiving irradiated post-apocalyptic environment. Players interested in truly honing their Endzone survival skills can now build a Research Station that grants Knowledge points that can be used in the tech tree, which in turn provides more research options and unlockable buildings, such as a wind turbine, warehouse, hemp weaving mill, and more.

If skipping school and jumping right into work is more your speed, Endzone: A World Apart has also added two new Scenarios, five new Side Missions, and six Expeditions. These additions introduce even more gameplay options, win conditions, and tasks for settlers. Likewise, the colony is getting an overhaul as now, settlers may behave differently in order to get a task done more quickly, and the resident “builders” will take on more projects around camp to ensure necessary jobs get done!

Are you glad to see that Endzone is adding in a technology tree for us to unlock? How rough do you think these new scenarios are going to be with the other advancements we are getting? What do you suspect will be the next big evolution for the game here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all and you wish. If there is more for Endzone: A World Apart, we will have the updates on the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.

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