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No Man’s Sky Has Been Given A Massive Update To Bring You Back

No Man’s Sky Has Been Given A Massive Update To Bring You Back

No Man's Sky

The first massive update for No Man’s Sky has been released and it brings new features and modes to No Man’s Sky that will hopefully bring you back to play

Given the numbers of things it is probably safe to assume that you are not playing No Man’s Sky or you gave up on it shortly after launch. There has been a whole lot of talk going on around all of that and Hello Games has been rather quiet on all of it since the game first launch and players had their outcry. I too questioned the “hype” that No Man’s Sky was getting but no one could give me a solid answer on things and then the proof was in the pudding; so to speak. That is not why we are here though as it looks like there may be more reasons to get back into the game as we have details on the first major update for the game that have already been released on the PS4 and PC versions of the game.

I won’t say that a nice little word or two on what was going on with No Man’s Sky wouldn’t have been nice but it looks like the developers were hard at work to give more features to the game and most likely didn’t want to articulate responses to the hate they were getting. Put those feelings aside for now though as the wait is over and the Foundation Update is here and it brings along three game modes, the ability to build bases, recruit aliens to work your stuff, and to purchase freighters for use in some of the same ways. I’m not sure if this is what you’ve been waiting for in No Man’s Sky but it looks like the team is at least trying to give you the bang for your buck that you were hoping for at the start of it all.

There are a few more details below, but the long and short of it is now we can claim home-bases and planets in No Man’s Sky that we can store our materials as well as to farm more. There are also more tools to be used to automate this so you can set things up and then come back at your own leisure. Also you can come back to your bases and explored planets with a bit more ease than before. No longer will you just be lost in the void of space that Hello Games has set up. Although it does beg the question on if you friends and enemies can find you and your base in the vast void. None of that is mentioned here and would be huge reason to keep checking back in and all.

No Man’s Sky — Foundation Update

Firstly, we have introduced three game modes:

  • Normal mode is the original chilled exploration experience.
  • Creative mode allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build the biggest base they can (more on this below).
  • Survival mode creates a much more challenging endurance experience.

Secondly, the update brings base building to the game, allowing players to start building a homestead on a planet of their choosing. Bases are used for shelter and storage, but we’ve also introduced farming crops and you can hire NPCs from Space Stations to research new tech and products for you. Players can teleport back to their base at any time.

Having a base from which to explore the No Man’s Sky universe unlocks many new abilities and features. Players can also build equipment in the field, such as save points (essential for Survival mode), way points (to permanently mark and return to your discoveries), mining harvesters (to gather resources in your absence) and Signal Scanners (to find nearby resource deposits).

Freighters are the third key update being introduced in Update 1. These ships can be found cruising through space and, upon boarding, players can choose to buy the loyalty of the ship’s captain to take control of them. Goods can be teleported to your freighter from on-planet, and stockpiled for trading, and owned freighters can be summoned from anywhere in the Galaxy.

To me this seems like something that should have been key in the release of No Man’s Sky. I’d be willing to wager that it was something on the plate but since all of you over-hyped gamers out there were pissed off when they had to delay before, it was all something that had to wait and reward those who kept playing No Man’s Sky at a later date. Game development is a fun beast and when it is poked and prodded it can be a fickle bitch. Hopefully this is enough to bring back the masses as it sounds like Hello Games may still have more in the works if you are willing to give the time and such. Something that should have been given from the start but we can’t change that now can we?

What are your thoughts on the Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky that we have here? Do you think that these extra modes will truly make the game feel and play different or will you just be focused on a single aspect in the long run? What other features would you like to see get placed into the game when all is said and done? Let us know down in the comments and feel free to discuss. As more on No Man’s Sky is released, if there is more, we will have it up here on the site. Be sure to keep checking back in as I’m sure you’ll want to know what is going on.

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