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No Man’s Sky Is Moving Beyond Online, But Not As An MMO

No Man’s Sky Is Moving Beyond Online, But Not As An MMO

No Man’s Sky

The next update for No Man’s Sky is now teased, with the name being No Man’s Sky: Beyond, and it will bring some new online game components

A new major update for No Man’s Sky is on its way for this Summer for all of you out there still playing the game. There are still a million of you out there or so according to Hello Games, so keep playing or updating as there is a new bit coming at you. Just like there last major update, this one has a snazzy name attached to it in the way of No Man’s Sky: Beyond. Okay, maybe it is not too snazzy but it fits the idea they seem to be going with for their updates and such. Just know it is coming and will add to the way we all play the game in a multiplayer aspect.

And…that is about all we know for it. Well, outside of the first thing tease being called No Man’s Sky Online which makes it sound like they are going with an MMO style of game, but they want to make sure we do not see it as an MMO. By default it really is, but it boils down to the fact that there will be no subscriptions, microtransactions, and will be free for existing players. That last part is a bit concerning as it hints that there will be a cost for anyone who wants to dive back into the game after the update. I guess we will see when we actually get more than this tease and name drop.

No Man’s Sky — Beyond Announcement

Last year, the immensely talented team over at Hello Games announced and launched their biggest update yet for No Man’s SkyNEXT. This major update introduced game-changing features, such as an all-new multiplayer mode, unlimited base building, commanding freighters and much more! NMS also underwent an extensive visual overall, bringing even more life into the universe.

Of course, anyone who is following the NMS story knows this wasn’t all that happened back in 2018. The No Man’s Sky community expanded significantly, thanks to its launch onto Xbox One in July 2018. Since then, Hello Games have been hard at work behind the scenes on even more new content for NMS. The Abyss and Visions updates followed NEXT back in October and November, but the team had a bigger plan up their sleeves for 2019…

Introducing No Man’s Sky: Beyond.

Coming summer 2019, No Man’s Sky: Beyond will launch as a FREE update across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Beyond is Hello Game’s most ambitious update yet. It’s so big that they’re going to be revealing it in parts over the coming weeks.

Today we’ve learned that Beyond will dramatically expand the No Man’s Sky multiplayer experience, bringing new ways for players to come together from across the universe. What does this mean exactly? Stay tuned!

Hello Games have confirmed that Beyond will not require a subscription, won’t contain microtransactions, and as mentioned already, will be FREE for all existing players.

Are you happy to see that No Man’s Sky is still getting the updates or are you in the mix of gamers who have dropped the game thus far? What exactly do you think will be updated for the game or will it just mix in more things for players to do in the massive world while playing multiplayer online? Do you think that new players will be charged for this update or is it just poor wording here? Let us know down in the comments. When there is a solid update for No Man’s Sky and this expansion of sorts, we will have it here for you. Just keep coming back.

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