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Oh, How I Wish Bayonetta 2 Wasn’t A Wii U Exclusive

Oh, How I Wish Bayonetta 2 Wasn’t A Wii U Exclusive

Bayonetta 2

There is a new trailer for Bayonetta 2, a game that is exclusive to the Wii U only. This is going to hurt the sale of the game…

It really hurts that the title of this new Bayonetta 2 trailer is titled Did you miss me? because I do. I also will miss you when you finally launch exclusively on the Wii U this summer. It still breaks my heart that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive as I don’t think it fits the console; also the fact that I don’t own one and don’t think that Bayonetta 2 is going to change my opinion on owning one.

But enough of the sad stuff. Here’s the positive. We have a new trailer for Bayonetta 2!

This new trailer captures the perfect essence of what I would expect from Bayonetta 2. If it was coming out for every other console I would be chomping at the bit to get to play every minute I could squeeze out of the game before having to play it a second, third, and fourth time like I did with Bayonetta. I don’t know what it is about that game but the art style, mechanics, and story have me hooked and in Bayonetta 2 it looks like at least two of those are still there with their vicious hooks ready to dig into my eyes.

Not that I don’t think the story will be intoxicating but we just can’t really tell if it will hold up like the original story did for me or if it will fall flat like most sequels usually do. Here’s to hoping though. Here’s to also hoping that someone will be nice enough to get me a Wii U so I can enjoy Bayonetta 2 when it comes out. I can dream right?

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