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Once Human Takes Aim With Some New Gameplay To Take In Here

Once Human Takes Aim With Some New Gameplay To Take In Here

Once Human

See how Once Human has evolved a bit more to see how high-paced the action could be in Once Human

So many different post-apocalyptic worlds are about to collide here in Once Human. That is, at least, the feeling I get from the game when I take in the most recent bit of gameplay that Starry Studio is giving out there to the world from the most recent PC gaming showcase. Once Human is an open-world survival game, but it feels as if there is going to be a whole lot more under the surface once we dig in a bit more. Unless I am latching on to the weirder parts of this new gameplay to finally take in. Let us dive into what I am talking about so we can all be on the same page for it all.

This new gameplay takes us through the paces of Once Human as we head out to survive the world and shoot all of the horrors out there. That is the part that feels like all of the different variations are congealing together. It looks like we are getting all different forms of the undead out there with basic zombies, raged-out zombies, and fungal zombies out there. That is how it all looks from the gameplay, and it could be different once Once Human is in our hands out there. Granted, that could just be the looks of things and the game could offer up a different explanation of it all instead. Have a look at the latest we have here just a bit lower to see what I am talking about here.

Once Human — Gameplay

Once Human is an open-world survival game with a super high degree of freedom.

As “Metas” in the game, players will explore the unknown post-apocalyptic world.

This video shows various gameplay of open-world area exploration, encounters, the Boss fight, etc.

Have you been looking forward to Once Human up to now or did it take this new gameplay to get you pulled in? Do you think that the team is using all of the various creatures out there before now or have we only been primed to see that for now? What do you think we will see at the end of all of this and will it be something vastly different than we thought out there before? Give us all of that feedback out there and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. If we get more to share for Once Human, it will be here on the site for you. Please keep checking in for all of that and everything else we have to share.

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