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Only Our Friends Will Hear Our Screams In Void Crew

Only Our Friends Will Hear Our Screams In Void Crew

Void Crew

Takes to the stars in Void Crew as we embark out to save humanity once more on a new spacecraft made just for Void Crew

Rally your crew and get ready to set forth in the upcoming PC title Void Crew. Another title coming from Focus Entertainment and developed by Hutlihut Games that will place us all back out in the stars and facing off with some new aliens trying to do what aliens always do. That would be to do horrible things to the human race out there. That is why in Void Crew we have our four brave crew members taking charge and ready to kick some ass out there. That would be us and our friends heading out there for those that have not been able to gather that so far. More or less, that will be the basics that we will get to experience here just before PAX has finished and some out there have had a chance to see what the game is all about in person.

Sadly, at this point, this is all of the news and updates we truly have for Void Crew as we all wait. We do have a bit of a reveal trailer that you can see just a bit lower, but that does not feel like it shows off what the game is truly going to hold for us at the end of it all. One could wish and hope it will be, but it is more of a cinematic to give us all the feel of how it will be to head out there and be these mavericks that are saving the galaxy from this new threat. Have a gander at it just below and if you are out at PAX, take a swing on by to see if Void Crew is going to be a title you will need to wishlist now or just get ready to see when it does finally land out there this year. I am always worried when we get a reveal with little else to go on, but will always try to keep the faith that the team knows what they are doing in the end.

Void Crew — Reveal

Focus Entertainment is thrilled to announce a new partnership with studio Hutlihut Games to bring Void Crew, a thrilling space adventure where you explore, fight and loot through the galaxy with up to four teammates. Watch how much teamwork is… successful (well sometimes not), but is key, in the Reveal Trailer.

The game will be released in 2023 and is available to wishlist on Steam. It will also bring a playable demo to PAX East 2023 from March 23–26.

In space, no one can hear you scream…

…except your friends! Rally your crew, man your spaceship, and prepare for an epic adventure. Battle fearsome foes, salvage valuable loot, and die repeatedly – while reclaiming humanity’s lost territory together.

In Void Crew, humanity unites against a mysterious aggressor – the Hollow. As the chosen ones, it’s up to you as a crew of up to 4 mavericks to brave the void and bring order to the galaxy!

Embark on the most advanced spacecraft ever built, and journey into deep space on thrilling missions that you and your crew absolutely never trained for! Asteroid storms, solar flares, and your buddies’ screw-ups will be the least of your worries, as hostile aliens, and desperate human scavengers push your crew to their limits. Teamwork is key: pick a role and prioritize your most urgent tasks with your crew… or try to do everything at once and just wing it as you’ll be short on reliable manpower!

How are you feeling about Void Crew based on this little bit that we have here for you? Do you suspect it will be like many other four-player space shooter games or will we see some true innovation in the genre from this one? Will you be out there ready to give this game a shot or will you have to wait until the next convention showing the game will have along the way? Take it all into the comments and then feel free to discuss all of this as you so wish. We will share whatever else we can for Void Crew as we get it, so please keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more as we venture forth into this year.

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