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Paragon Is Getting A New Angle & Demon For Our Shoulders

Paragon Is Getting A New Angle & Demon For Our Shoulders


The next hero for Paragon has been announced and she will be bringing a bit of good & evil to Paragon here real soon

Here we go with yet another character for Paragon coming at us here. Not only a new hero but another melee Carry Hero from Epic Games to bring more to the overall game and this time we get another Angel/Demon style character. At least this is all based on the following trailer for Paragon that shows Serath off in all of her glory. Now we just get to wait until January 10th until the update to the game to land and bring the character to us for free. Just as it always is for the PS4 and PC version of Paragon that we have here.

There isn’t much explanation on just what we will be getting here in Paragon with Serath but there is a lot of focus on the good and evil aspects of the character here. Although in the end it does look like the demon comes out more and enforces more fear in the game. That is at least how this whole thing is edited so who know where it will all go when the update finally lands. Thankfully that is just a short wait from now and we’ll soon see. Or a new video will be uploaded braking it all down for us just before the release of the character. Either will work here.

Paragon — Serath Announce

Unleash a heart of pure darkness as Serath, the new melee Carry Hero in Paragon. Play Serath for free starting January 10.

How do you feel about the new character here for Paragon we are getting? Do you think that she will add in a lot of fun with twisted light and dark sides or is that just how it is clipped here? Do you think that we will stop getting new heroes soon or will Epic Games keep this “every three weeks” thing for the whole life cycle of the game? Let us know your thought and then discuss down in the comments. For more on Paragon and the new characters coming to it, be sure to stick it out here. We’ll certainly keep those updates coming as they do for us.

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