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Paragon Turns Down The Heat With Aurora As The Next Hero To Enter The Fight

Paragon Turns Down The Heat With Aurora As The Next Hero To Enter The Fight


The next hero to enter Paragon has been announced and we will see her and her icy powers in Paragon before the end of January

Where does the time go as it looks like it has been yet another three weeks and now we have yet another Paragon hero getting added into the mix here. Well, at least getting added into the mix on January 31st as that will be the date that Aurora hops into the mix here on the PS4 and PC. That would be name of the new character that Epic Games has for us here in Paragon before you ask where I grabbed that name from. Maybe you already guessed that but I figured that I would cover all the bases here for now as sometimes basic intelligence seems to be lost on us for “reasons.”

Anyways, here we go with a new ice queen of sorts getting brought in with this new melee character for Paragon. Pretty much she looks and acts like a badass version of Elsa from Frozen but of course we won’t say that directly again out of fear of being sued. She brings with her the ability to create ice clones of herself and glide around on a sheet of ice in the matches. Mix in the area effects that can freeze other heroes and the ability to cause and “ice quake” to deal damage quickly and coldly to all of those around here, you can quickly see the ice queen thing. That and the little joke at the end of building a snow man. I’m just saying…

Have a look at the tease for Aurora we have here for Paragon and then have a look at the new abilities she will be bringing with her on January 31st. Just like all of the other heroes in the game so far, Epic Games is bringing her to us all for free and with all of the other needs that we have for all the others that have come before. Now you just need to wait a few more days to bring in this new form of icy punishment.

Paragon — Aurora

Aurora (Fury, Intellect) is an elusive, crowd control specialist whose abilities allow her to manipulate the cold. A powerful initiator, Aurora uses the cold to freeze her enemies and take control of the battle.

  • Frozen Simulacrum — Allows Aurora to leap in a target direction, leaving behind a solid ice clone of herself.
  • Glacial Charge — An icy trail launches Aurora forward, dealing damage, pushing enemies aside and blocking projectiles from the front.
  • Hoarfrost — Creates a ring of hoarfrost around Aurora, dealing damage and rooting enemies caught in the ice.
  • Cryoseism — Aurora creates an ice earthquake. Enemies in the area will turn to ice, which then explodes, causing damage to the Hero and spreading the effect to other nearby Heroes and minions.

What are your impressions of Aurora here for Paragon based on what you’ve seen thus far? Do you think that one of the designers had a hard-on for the mentioned film or maybe one of their kids? Do you think that Aurora adds something truly new to the game or will she just be another melee option for us all to have? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Paragon is announced and revealed, we will have it up here on the site. Be sure to stick around so you can keep up with all of the heroes that are released as the game is still technically in beta for now.

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