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Place Those Tin-Foil Hats On For The Release Of The Greyhill Incident

Place Those Tin-Foil Hats On For The Release Of The Greyhill Incident

Greyhill Incident

The release date for Greyhill Incident is set with Greyhill Incident hitting the major players early in June

The conspiracies are starting to flow again and we now have one more thing to add to the pile as Greyhill Incident is now set to launch in June. A title that is filled with all manner of those tin-foil crackpots and hiding from various “greys” out there trying to do unspeakable things. That or just learn about how horrible humans are. It is hard to tell for Greyhill Incident but that could just be that Refugium Games is keeping all of the juicier details hidden until we finally get the game on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this June 9th. That will be when the true horror stats to flow out there with this one.

When looking at what the Greyhill Incident has to offer up to us all, it looks as if we will be running around some farmlands in the 90s while surviving an alien encounter. This one feels like they are here to capture and probe all manner of Earthly beings with animals and humans not having much of a difference to them. Of course, being on the human side, we will be able to open fire on these aliens so we can survive and maybe figure out what is going on out there in the Greyhill Incident. It does feel as if this is a satire to more of the weird conspiracy groups out there while offering up some dark horror in the mix. We will certainly get to know soon with this new release date and trailer we have to look forward to here.

Greyhill Incident — Release Date

Refugium Games and Perp Games are pleased to announce that the highly anticipated ‘Grey Aliens’ survival horror title, Greyhill Incident will release digitally and physically on the 9th of June 2023 on PlayStation 4, Next-Gen Consoles, and PC.

The Special Retail version, “Greyhill Incident Abducted Edition” will feature a number of exciting items including Bob’s manual to make your own protective foil hat.

Greyhill Incident is a story-driven Survival-Horror game that takes place during the early 90s. As Ryan Baker, equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his trusty revolver, the story takes you across the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, which is invaded by UFOs & Grey Aliens.

Greyhill Incident is inspired by ‘true incidents’, books, tv shows & films from “Fire in the Sky” over to “The X-Files”, “Communion”, and other works of the past time. This Story-Driven Survival-Horror Game with a touch of satire is our homage to the classic grey Alien & UFO topic.

Do you think that the Greyhill Incident is going to be played more for satire or more for the horror of it all? Could this be a better telling of “true incidents” than we have had before or will this be a bit of a stretch when it comes to all of that? Could we have an option where we will not need to just start blasting our way out of all of this? Take to the comment section and start discussing all of that as you so wish to do. When we get anything more for the Greyhill Incident, we will share it all here for you. Please keep tuned into this channel to see and hear about all of that along the way.

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