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PlayStation Now Has A Subscription Option Coming To The PS4

PlayStation Now Has A Subscription Option Coming To The PS4

PlayStation Now is getting a subscription option added into the online video game streaming service starting next week for the PS4

It looks like PlayStation Now is going to be giving us all what we have wanted since the first time we hopped into the Beta for the game streaming service. Not lower prices per game. No, not the ability to purchase a title for life. I am talking about a… oh … a subscription service to play all of those PS3 titles on your PS4. Most likely that will expand out to other platform’s titles on other platforms but as of right now that is what we have coming. At least that will be coming soon.

How soon? We will get our first chance to pay a monthly fee for PlayStation Now starting on January 13th to be exact. Like I said, this will start with the PS4 version of the app and then roll out to all of those other platforms PlayStation Now is currently or been claimed to be available on. At least it is going to be starting out with over 100 PS3 titles to be able to play once you pay for the month or three month package for PlayStation Now. Why there is no year option I don’t know but as of now those are your choices.

How much are those PlayStation Now choices? $19.99 and $44.99 respectfully. Now this is where my other large issue comes in.

Introducing Your PlayStation Now Subscription

I get the concept behind PlayStation Now. Why not do what other companies and publishers are doing? GameFly is roughly the same cost. On the surface getting 100+ games for $180 USD looks awesome but in this entire hullabaloo it looks like we are also missing the $50 tag on of PlayStation Plus that is needed. Unless that is something being waived in the lieu of charging another monthly fee to access all of those titles. So really in the end we are looking at a $230 USD to $290 USD price point for a bunch of title any hardcore PlayStation Fan most likely still owns and can play; just not on the PS4.

There are people out there that this PlayStation Now subscription will work out for and I’m not just talking about those with a lot of disposable income. It’s not for me by any means but I get it. There is a market for PlayStation Now it just seems like this is more geared to those gamers out there who don’t want to have to worry about purchasing a lot of titles that will collect dust while they fight for free time. Although once we start getting new titles, like GameFly, rolling out to PlayStation Now then it may be worth the fee to make sure you don’t get stuck with a shitty game ever again.

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