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Post Trauma Is On Its Way To Give Us Just That With The Game

Post Trauma Is On Its Way To Give Us Just That With The Game

Post Trauma

One more horror game, Post Trauma, is on its way to us all with a few of the old tricks coming back in for Post Trauma

As if so many out there did not have Post Trauma already from the world, here we go with a new video game that could give us all more. As long as the game does live up to its name and shows us how true horror lives in our minds and not just the world. I would argue the other way, but Red Soul Games has a theme it is going with here and I will follow along. More so when we see Post Trauma is not only giving us a new horror title, but leaning into some of the classic elements from video games out there to make sure we are frightened even more when it hits the PC and Consoles in the near future. Along with some twisted imagery, which always gets me right in the feels.

As you will see in this new announcement for Post Trauma, we are taking on the role of Roman after waking up in a strange and hostile location out there. Just as Roman will be, we have no clue what is going on and will need to solve all manner of things to find a way back home. All while running around as a middle-aged man that does not use the normal horror tropes we have had over the years. The tropes that Post Trauma does look like it will be using, though, will be the fixed camera angles that added all types of terror to us when they were used so long ago. This will be a bane for many and a boon for others. I know I have grown accustomed to moving the camera around as I wish, but having the fixed locations does add to the tension once you remember it is there as a feature and not a bug.

Post Trauma — Announcement

True horror lives in our minds.

Raw Fury is delighted to announce their collaboration with Red Soul Games to publish Post Trauma for PC and console.

The game is both a tribute and a modern take on classic horror games, blending old-school fixed camera angles with high-fidelity graphics, smooth controls, and immersive soundscapes.

Wishlist the game on Steam and follow us for the latest news and updates around Post Trauma.

Post Trauma follows Roman, a middle-aged man who awakens in a strange and hostile place and must find a way back home to his family. Venture through the world with fixed camera perspectives which underscore the haunting sense that you’re being watched.

Explore your surroundings and gather information to solve puzzles and survive (you may want to keep a notepad handy for this journey). Discover ways to kill or avoid the monsters lurking in the darkness, but beware: not every creature you encounter may be hostile…

Will you be looking to get into Post Trauma when it comes or do you think the forcing of the camera angles will make you want to steer clear of it all? Do you like seeing that our protagonist is not another hardened action star and is a little more ground-level to identify with? Will this all be in Roman’s head or will we see that there were some true otherworldly things going on to cause these horrors? Tell the world what you are thinking down in the comments and discuss it all until your eyes bleed. When we have anything else to share for Post Trauma, it will be here. So please keep checking in to see and hear all of that as it comes to light.

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