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Quantum Break Coming To PC & Bringing Along More Than Expected

Quantum Break Coming To PC & Bringing Along More Than Expected

Quantum Break

Quantum Break has now been announced for a Windows 10 release and is also bringing along Alan Wake for those who pre-order Quantum Break before release

We were teased some new Quantum Break news for today and it looks like Remedy Entertainment has brought said news to us. Not only were we promised some news but also a new trailer for Quantum Break to help entice us all more to pre-order the game before it launches on April 5th for the Xbox One and PC via Windows 10. Well I guess there is the first bit of news to come along for Quantum Break here but there is still a bit more.

First off let us start with the new trailer that we were promised for Quantum Break. I know I’ve been waiting to see some more gameplay for the game and it looks like… I’ll be waiting just a bit longer. We have a live action trailer here. I repeat, a live action trailer. It kind of works for Quantum Break break given the TV show mid scenes that will be in the game but I would much rather see how the game it shaping up instead of seeing the actors portraying the scenes and tone of Quantum Break. Kind of a letdown there.

Quantum Break — The Cemetery

Moving along from the lackluster trailer here for Quantum Break. So we are getting a version of the game for PC and it looks to be included in for those who purchase the Xbox One version of the game. Remedy Entertainment is trying something new for the release to see if it is something that fans want. Of course this addition only comes if you pre-order Quantum Break on the Xbox One and not afterwards. It will have cross save so if playing that tickles your fancy you don’t have to put down the game just because work calls.

In addition to that Alan Wake and the two DLC packs will also be included. This will all be through the backwards compatibility functionality and not a remaster but seeing as Alan Wake still looked amazing on the last gen systems I don’t think it really matters. Just another extra to try and get you to pick up Quantum Break early. Of course if you pre-order you also get the American Nightmare game in the Alan Wake franchise as a nice little bonus. Happy days.

Lastly, as is common with all huge anticipated titles no matter the console, Quantum Break will have a limited edition version of the Xbox One out along with the game. You get all the above along with it and it is a solid white version of the console and controller. It doesn’t sound like you’ll have the option to get the American Nightmare game in the bundle but at least you get Quantum Break and the rest of Alan Wake bundled all up for the $349 USD price point.

Quantum Break — Announcements

Are you excited to see that Quantum Break is now coming to the PC and that if you pre-order you get both versions? What do you think about the addition of Alan Wake into the mix? Will that be enough of an incentive to pre-order Quantum Break before April 5th for you? Let us know and discuss in the comments below. As we get further details on Quantum Break out of Microsoft we will update you on the site. Be sure to spend as much time here so you don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

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