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Redfall Has A Story That Feels Like It Will Be Changing Things Up

Redfall Has A Story That Feels Like It Will Be Changing Things Up


A story trailer for Redfall is finally here and it feels like things in Redfall are not exactly as they seemed

It is time to get more of the story going on behind the scenes for Redfall here. No, this is not a look at how Arkane Austin has been working on the game but a look at the story that is going on behind the scenes for this vampire hunt we will be going on when the game lands of the Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2nd. A vampire hunt that seems to have something else going on under the hood that makes it not feel like a traditional vampire hunt. Almost as if we have had the wool pulled over our eyes like the residents of Redfall where the game takes place in. Get ready to see a different kind of story take place for this title than many of us have been led to believe thus far. These might not even be true vampires out there too.

For those that do not care about having things spoiled for them when it comes to Redfall, this is your last chance to turn away. If you are still here, then it is time to see how all of this seems to be made in a lab and not the true supernatural side of things that came about when the game was first announced. These vampires, the gods they become, and the cults that spring from them were all made in a lab. A lot as we have seen in other Sci-Fi stories where someone has some special blood and an evil corporation has other plans for it. This is how our vamps have come to be in Redfall. A truly weird choice given that it has always felt like the town was just attacked from the outside and not from the inside based on everything we have been given up to now.

Redfall — Story

What is happening in Redfall? Where did the vampires come from? Uncover the mysteries of Redfall as you explore the island. Delve into the dark history of the sinister company that created the monsters stalking the streets and face off against the terrifyingly powerful vampires that some survivors worship as gods.

Redfall arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023. Pre-order now or play with Game Pass for exclusive content.

There’s a lot more to the charming island of Redfall than meets the eye. The scientists at Aevum HQ have been working on something world-shattering. People are going missing; there are dead bodies and blood everywhere; the sun has been eclipsed; and vampires rule the town. Were the vampires just an experiment gone horribly wrong or something far more disturbing? Who are the vampire gods? The only thing to know for sure is that everything is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

While all of this does make for an interesting story to behold with Redfall, even if it sounds like many we have heard before, it does leave me wondering a few things. How does this change the hunters we will be playing? Some of them were tech-heavy from the start, but others have relied on the supernatural to explain some of their skills and abilities we will get to use. It all fit well before, but now that we are finding out that the vampires were grown in a lab in Redfall, this is going to skew things more to the science than the supernatural for many. I am curious to see if this was the plan from the start of it all or if something changed along the way in development to cause this shift. There is just over a month until we find out, but it feels off to me since they always felt supernatural until now.

Did you have the same feeling for the vampires in Redfall as I did or did I misread the original announcement from the jump? Will this all be science-based or will we see how some of the supernatural is blended in along the way? Does any of this matter if the gameplay is solid and the game looks like it is a lot of fun? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking about all of this and then feel free to discuss it all if you want to in the comment section. Redfall has me on edge about all of this, so I will be keeping a close eye on it. More will be on the site for certain and you can make sure to catch it all by coming back constantly to check it all out.

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