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Relive The Story That Will Lead Up To Metro Exodus

Relive The Story That Will Lead Up To Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

A nice recap of the Metro story so far is here to get us all ready for when Metro Exodus finally launches next year

It has been some time between the last title in the series and when we will be seeing Metro Exodus. About five years or so have passed by in the real world and about two in the game world. There is a whole lot of information that we could have missed or let slip through since 4A Games delivered us a title in the franchise. That means that there is a lot riding on Metro Exodus at this point so we may need to recap a few things before diving in on February 15th. It would be a shame to get in there and have almost no clue what is going on, right?

I guess that means it is good that we live in an age where we can either replay all of the Metro games in one sitting or have a nice little refresher of what has transpired so far. That is what we have here to close out the year, most likely, on this game’s updates. A quick walkthrough of just how and where we are in the story so we can try to figure out what will be coming. I will be honest and say that I forgot little bits here and there, but this video goes over the broader story so we can pick up Metro Exodus and start running on day one. Have a look and remember just what you may have missed or forgotten. Unless you are one of those gamers with so much time you can replay the whole thing again.

Metro Exodus — The Legacy Of The Metro Universe

It’s been a few years since checked in on Artyom’s journey through the Metro! Here’s a quick refresher to get you ready for Metro Exodus!

How much of Metro‘s story did you forget or was all of this what you knew already? Did this fill in some gaps that were left open over the last five years or just the refresher you needed? Does this just make you want to go back and power through the original two titles again so you can relive the whole experience or will you just dive into the new game in February? Let us know in the comments and then discuss. When we have more for Metro Exodus, we will share it here. Keep coming back to be able to see and hear it all.

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