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Resident Evil 3’s Is More On The Forefront & Heading To Resistance Too

Resident Evil 3’s Is More On The Forefront & Heading To Resistance Too

Resident Evil 3

The latest trailer for Resident Evil 3 is here to show off a bit more of Jill and give us a look at her join Resident Evil Resistance at a later date

We all know that Resident Evil 3 is going to feature Jill in the forefront and how she will be surviving the events of the game. We are, at least, assuming she is going to survive as she is one of the protagonists and Capcom has already set her up in the story cannon as surviving to other games. They could just be slowly doing a reboot to the whole story with these things given that they are rewriting things in Resident Evil 3 to make the story of this title better than before. I highly doubt that will be changed, but could you imagine if they did and the rest of the titles are getting remade in secret? That would be an undertaking…and now we are off-topic again.

Back on topic now. Here we have a new look at Resident Evil 3 and a bit more on how Jill will be running around in Raccoon City to save some people and get past all of the big creatures being sent after her for reasons from Umbrella. Their motives never seem to make sense over time and after the outbreak, but it makes for a fun game here. You can see her in action a bit lower down here, but it looks like there are a few more horrors mixed in than what we have had before with a nice little tease mixed in. Although, this could be an addition into Resident Evil Resistance instead as Jill will also be making the jump over to survivor there at a later date. With a very small tease of all of that mixed into all of this too.

Resident Evil 3 — Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine’s escape from Raccoon City is fraught with danger, but she still has some dependable allies to rely on… as well as some enemies to watch out for. Jill won’t just be the star of Resident Evil 3, though – she’ll also be added as a playable Survivor in Resident Evil Resistance in a future update.

Do you think that all of these remakes are here to fully rewrite a good portion of the Resident Evil lore here or will it only fix a few things? Do you suspect that we are going to get all of the main characters in Resistance at some point or will they limit them down to only a few over time? What do you think is going on with the final teased monster we have here and will it be a bigger deal than we think? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all here. Be sure to keep coming back here to see more for Resident Evil 3 and all of the others in the franchise. We will keep it all flowing out there for you as best as we can.

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