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Resident Evil 4 VR Brings The Gameplay This October Now

Resident Evil 4 VR Brings The Gameplay This October Now

Resident Evil 4 VR

The release date for Resident Evil 4 VR is set with an October release date to give us all more of the Resident Evil frights

We had the tease out there for Resident Evil 4 way back earlier in the year and a small bit of gameplay to enjoy. Nothing that we could write home about at the time from Armature as it was just announced and very little gameplay to look at for it. One thing it did show off was that it looked quite a bit like Resident Evil 4 from back in the day. It is something a little bit needed for the hardware, as it is a release on the Oculus Quest 2 here. A release that is now set to hit us all on October 21st to keep us deeper in the world of the IP and give us some of that old classic feel but in a VR setting.

Now that we have a release date for Resident Evil 4 VR, we can have a look at the gameplay for it all to get a better feel for how it will look and play. As before, it all looks like it did back when the game was first released when it comes to the visuals. This could just be due to the limits of capturing the footage outside of the VR setting. It is interesting to see how we can hold and swap weapons in the game here and maybe that will make things easier to take everyone down out there. That could be a bit difficult to be able to keep moving around with the controllers, so I hope we can also stow fast to make sure we do not accidentally drop the guns and ammo. That is something we do need to worry about in Resident Evil 4 VR from what we have been told.

Resident Evil 4 VR — Gameplay

Resident Evil 4 releases on October 21 for Oculus Quest 2.

Building off the core systems from the original and ratcheting up the suspense as only VR can, Resident Evil 4 on Quest 2 will let you play from Leon’s first-person perspective. The Touch controllers will let you interact with the world in a fundamentally new way from how it’s played on console. Weapons and items have been re-engineered as physical objects you can pick up and interact with. You’ll also be able to switch weapons by grabbing them off your body instead of going into a menu, and you can wield separate weapons with each hand.

You’ll still move in first-person by using the analog stick, but Armature has added a full upper-body rig on top of Leon’s character to combine his movement with the dual-handed interactivity achieved with Touch controllers. They’ve even added support for teleportation and room-scale movement, so you can explore the environment however you choose. With plenty of comfort options at your disposal, you can also play through the game comfortably while seated.

Armature is using core elements from the original Resident Evil 4 to drive gameplay and systems, but they’ve remastered art—over 4,500 textures have either been repainted or had their resolution increased. Character animations have been faithfully converted to Unreal Engine 4 and remain untouched from the original source material, and all cutscenes will be presented in their original format.

Do you feel this looks exactly as Resident Evil 4 did back in the day or will it look better once the headset is on? Do you think we will lose weapons and ammo in the game as we frantically run and dodge? Could this lead to us getting more of the IP in a VR setting or will it only be for this one given the love of the game we have had for so long now? Tell us all what is on your mind and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will share more for Resident Evil 4 as we get it. Just be sure to keep checking back here for all of that and much more out there. You should not be let down at all with the news we can offer up.