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Resident Evil 4 Will Be Taking Us All In Separate Ways Soon

Resident Evil 4 Will Be Taking Us All In Separate Ways Soon

Resident Evil 4

New DLC is on the way for Resident Evil 4 along with a new way to experience Resident Evil 4 in VR

I hope you have had your fun with Resident Evil 4 up to now and are ready for more. More is what we are about to get on September 21st here, as Capcom is bringing us the Separate Ways DLC to the game as we have had in the past. Those who wanted to see what Ada Wong was doing during the events of the core story of Resident Evil 4 will get to see it all again with the DLC coming to the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. All in the way that we should expect in the remake and maybe with a few other twists along the way for it all. Maybe it will be a beat-for-beat story or, maybe, they have changed things up to flesh things out as they have in other ways with these remakes.

If that was not a big enough announcement for Resident Evil 4 here, it looks like those with a PSVR2 setup will have something extra to look for this Winter. The game is getting a VR mode just as the other titles as of late have received too. Not that we have not seen Resident Evil 4 in VR already, but this one was built for the PSVR2 specifically and will be out there for free to add to the immersion of the remake. This IP has always been the one that has brought me into the next stages of VR and RE7 got me in for the original, so it feels a little fitting that this might make it time for the next hardware to come in. All so we can better feel the realistic weapons handling in the horrors that the game will have for us.

Resident Evil 4 — DLC Reveal

Capcom revealed Separate Ways, a new story DLC for Resident Evil 4 that is emerging from the shadows on Sept. 21, 2023. Separate Ways explores another side of the reawakened tale, following Ada Wong on a clandestine mission that reunites the agent with Leon S. Kennedy during his search for the president’s missing daughter. Alongside the release of Separate Ways, a free update for The Mercenaries will go live the same day, introducing Ada Wong and her notorious employer Albert Wesker as playable characters for the popular bonus mode.

The new trailer also debuted thrilling footage of Resident Evil 4 VR Mode. This immersive new way to experience the main campaign of Resident Evil 4 is coming to PlayStation VR2 as free DLC this winter. Resident Evil 4 VR Mode brings the action closer than ever before and dials up the intensity with intuitive PlayStation VR2 Sense controls that include dual wielding, realistic weapon handling, enhanced knife action, and more.

In Separate Ways, Ada Wong travels to a lonely and rural part of Europe to infiltrate a village controlled by the religious group known as Los Iluminados. Under orders from Albert Wesker, Ada is assigned to obtain the cult’s darkest secret: a mysterious material known as “the Amber.” Her operation intertwines with Leon S. Kennedy’s search for the president’s missing daughter, providing an alternate perspective on the main story that uncovers events that unfold behind the scenes.

Alongside the highly acclaimed gunplay, combat, and knife mechanics of Resident Evil 4, Separate Ways introduces an additional feature to the experience that takes the fast-paced action to exciting new heights. For this exhilarating mission, Ada is armed with a Grappling Gun that can be used to swing across chasms, make rapid ascents, and plunge into the depths below. She can also wield the device in combat to take on enemies in close quarters and launch into melee takedowns from a distance.

Separate Ways will be available for $9.99 USD as a downloadable add-on for Resident Evil 4 on Sept. 21 across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Resident Evil 4 VR Mode is planned for release this winter as free DLC exclusively for PlayStation VR2.

This new update will also bring Wesker into the fight for the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4, but that feels like a bit of a minor add-on for me. Given what they have done with the IP so far, I am excited to see how they might have changed and improved Ada in the game and if the story is going to be altered. I do not care that I will get to see another character playing an action version of the Resident Evil game instead of the true horrors it has all been known for. Then again, that is just me and I enjoy that more than many out there. It is all part of the same update, so thankfully, it is not something that we will have to make a choice on getting if we want or do not want it.

Have you been waiting to get your VR fix in Resident Evil 4 again and will this prompt you to pick up the PSVR2 now? Do you think they are going to change things we knew about Ada in this DLC or will it flow just as we all thought from before? Do you actually play Mercenaries and glad to see any kind of addition into the mix? Venture on into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to offer up to the world out there. More for Resident Evil 4 should be coming soon, so please keep on checking in for all of those updates and many, many more.

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