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Resident Evil Village Is Getting Its VR Mode Next Week

Resident Evil Village Is Getting Its VR Mode Next Week

Resident Evil Village

Head back into Resident Evil with a new VR Mode coming to Resident Evil Village next week and for free

It is no secret that Resident Evil Village was going to be getting a new VR Mode added in down the line. We had it teased and shown slightly not that long ago, at that. Now that we have jumped forward a bit in the timeline, Capcom is finally ready to show off what this mode will add to the game on February 22nd when it drops as free DLC. Well, at least for those looking to give Resident Evil Village another go and in the PSVR2 setting the whole time. It looks and feels like this will all be optimized for the new hardware instead of heading out to a broad audience. At least as it comes in the following week.

To go along with celebrating that here, we have a new look at the gameplay that we will have in Resident Evil Village with this new mode. Since the game was already a first-person mode style of game, there is not much else we can see changing for the viewport here. Well, beyond the field of view being a bit broader to allow for the full 360 view we will have when in the headset. That will go along with the new controls and options we will have in Resident Evil Village to help fit us further into the immersion of it all so we can face our fears. Have a look and see what could be on the way to you if you are picking up the PSVR2 down the line.

Resident Evil Village — VR Mode Gameplay

Resident Evil Village VR Mode finally launches on February 22 for PS VR2 as a free DLC! Experience this deeply immersive survival horror adventure.

Are you going to be brave enough to go through all of Resident Evil Village again and in VR or will you stick to the basic version you already know? Do you think the other VR platforms will get a chance at it or will this be a mode only for the PSVR2? Do you think the new control schemes will function well for the game or will we need something better to get the ball rolling again? Sound off down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. We will have more for Resident Evil Village and all of the other titles in the line as soon as we can get them. Please keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.

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