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Resident Evil Village Will Be Giving Up Many New Things With The Winters’ Expansion

Resident Evil Village Will Be Giving Up Many New Things With The Winters’ Expansion

Resident Evil Village

Massive new additions are on the way to Resident Evil Village with the upcoming expansion that will mix in some classic Resident Evil gameplay features

The tease was out there and now we get a better look at what is coming to Resident Evil Village on October 28th with the Winters Expansion. An expansion that is going to add in three various new things to the mix. Some that Capcom has told us all about before and some that are nice little extras to finally have in our hands. Even if they are things that various other Resident Evil titles have already done from the jump. Now we can kick back and know exactly what will be on the way here with this new DLC and updates in just over a month from now.

The first two additions for Resident Evil Village are more of some massive updates or extras to behold. Things like some new map and style updates to the Mercenaries mode. This also includes adding in the internet’s favorite tall lady as a playable character with her own special abilities. Then there is the addition of a third-person mode so we can go back and play the entire story of Resident Evil Village seeing Ethan’s facial expressions and various other things that the classic titles have offered up. All of this makes sense when we see that the new story expansion Shadows Of Rose will be in the same style as we see Rose 16years after the main story trying to piece it all together again. All while sporting some new ice powers and others along her own little survival run.

Resident Evil Village — Winters’ Expansion

First shown at the Capcom Online Program at Tokyo Game Show 2022, take a closer look at this trailer highlighting three new features coming to Resident Evil Village in the Winters’ Expansion DLC:

  • Third Person Mode, presenting the main story in a whole new way
  • Shadows of Rose, a new story featuring Rosemary Winters in a desperate struggle for survival
  • The Mercenaries Additional Orders, which brings additional characters and maps to the arcade-style The Mercenaries mode

Are you glad to see that we will be able to get more of those classic Resident Evil mechanics back in or did you always like the first-person view? What other powers do you think that Rose will have in the game or will this be enough to explain how she will survive in this world? What other characters do you want to see in the Mercenaries Mode down the line or will this one be the magnum opus of it all? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. We will have all of the other news for Resident Evil Village here on the site, so you will want to keep a close eye here for all of that and everything else we have to offer up.

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