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Roam The Fallen World With A Bit More Gameplay For The Day Before

Roam The Fallen World With A Bit More Gameplay For The Day Before

The Day Before

New gameplay for The Day Before is out there now to give us a taste of the current state of The Day Before

We have seen how nice The Day Before is going to look on some of the higher-end video cards out there, but now it is time to see just how the gameplay loop will flow on the PC when we hop on. This is a new survival MMO and I am sure that Fntastic has been working hard to make sure it does not flow the same as many others like it out there. At least to the point where The Day Before would feel like just a clone, but still keep some of the great aspects from other titles that make the game soar. They have been taking some good time and there is still a whole lot until November 10th of this year to perfect it. With that said, let us dig into the new ten minutes of gameplay that has been let loose on the world now.

All of that aside now, we can look at the new, ten minutes that the developers have given us for The Day Before. Ten minutes of mostly running, exploring, crafting, and item management in a post-apocalyptic world filled with the undead. A weird choice to go with to build up hype for the game, sure, but there are weird MMO fans out there that are all about the micromanagement of things in their games. For those that want to have more of the action, that is near the end of the footage here. All in all, The Day Before feels a lot like other shooter MMOs with a little less shooting. Based on this new footage at least. Given the world we are in, I guess it makes sense that we would not be running around like in The Division, but it would be nice to see more of the survival aspects mixed in. It looks mostly like we are going to be managing resources more than anything and then have a few fun shoot-outs to keep the action junkies sated.

The Day Before — 10-Minutes Of Gameplay

Take a look at 10 minutes of gameplay from The Day Before showing combat, exploration, and more.

The Day Before launches on November 10, 2023, enhanced with ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS 3! Check out this exclusive RTX ON gameplay reveal powered by GeForce RTX.

The Day Before is an open-world MMO survival set in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry infected and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars.

Does this new footage for The Day Before do anything for you or did you want to see more action in an MMO like this? Could all of that be hidden for a bigger reveal or will there be a focus on the other aspects normally concerned in these settings instead? How long will you be micromanaging the gear and items you have collected along the way out there? Sound off in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. When there is more to drop for The Day Before, we will certainly do so here. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we have to show along the way.

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