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Rose Will Be Back In The Mix For The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Rose Will Be Back In The Mix For The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Another character for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is coming with Rose getting the showing and add to the Street Fighter V character pass

Rose is coming back into the fight for the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and we now get to see her back in said action. It is just another in the long list of characters that Capcom is bringing us in the title here with the character pass while we still wait for the final one to be shown off. Given that we are getting mostly characters from the Street Fighter titles in the past, I have a feeling that will be what some of us are waiting for, but for now, we will take a look at Rose and how things have been altered from what we might remember. That or we can just focus on the fact that we have one more DLC character to experience the fight with and just take it all at face value and move right along. You can be the judge of that for now.

Some fans will remember Rose as far back as the Street Fighter Alpha days and the various other titles up to now. Rose is bringing the Tarot cards back in the mix for this fight to give more of an otherworldly effect to the style of it all. Something that always felt off in a title about normal street fights instead of things being over-the-top, but it is what the fans have wanted, I guess. We get to see how that plays into the new V-Skill and V-Trigger in Street Fighter V, though, and it looks like a great way to explain away some of the fireball combat other characters have. Explain away in the form of that is how Rose does the same attacks and not just focusing down the Chi to ignite the air.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition — Rose Gameplay

Rose, the Soul Powered Savant, makes her destined return to Street Fighter V!

With tarot cards in tow, Rose is back and ready to teach the true meaning of fate!

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How are you feeling about Rose here in Street Fighter V and does it feel like the right character to have in here? Do you like using these explanations as to why the characters are able to do some supernatural stuff or would you rather just go with the “video games” explanation? Who do you think will be the final character to get revealed for this season and will we finally get one more new character for the IP? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. If there is more to share for the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, it will be on the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and everything else we might have to offer up.

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