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S.O.N Will Be Bringing More Horror To Us This December

S.O.N Will Be Bringing More Horror To Us This December


Psychological horror game, S.O.N, has been set down with a release date and it looks like S.O.N will be available before Christmas this year

It may sound weird, but it looks like we can add another horror title to the list of games this Christmas as S.O.N has been set down with a release date on December 11th. This new psychological horror title will be hitting the PS4 then as RedG Studios has confirmed and placed out there with a new trailer for the game. Some of you may not be familiar with S.O.N, or South Of Nowhere, as of yet, but there is no time like the present to get to know what you are about to dive into here. At least if you want to add a new horror game to your holiday list for this year.

As you will see in the following trailer for S.O.N, we will be taking on the role of Robert Alderson who has set out to find his missing son. It is believed that he has gone missing in deep in the woods of Pennsylvania known as South Of Nowhere. Hence the S.O.N title here. While out there looking, he will come across and need to face many fears that will shake him and us to our cores. At least that is the goal here as it looks as if this is a fancy walking simulator with some tense moments to make us question what is real. All of which can be seen in the following trailer as I said. Have a look.

S.O.N — Gameplay

On December 11th you will experience an epic psychological horror game set in modern day. You play as Robert Alderson in search of his missing son Jay who went missing deep in the Pennsylvania forest, better known as South Of Nowhere. In a world where fear takes control over everyone and your past is never erased. What fears and demons will you face to get back your loved ones?

What do you think about S.O.N as it all stands here? Does it look like a title that will need to be played this Christmas or will it be something to hold on to until a different time? What are your thoughts on these style of games in general and do you think we need more or fewer of them in the future? Feel free to let us know down in the comments. If I am able to dig up more for S.O.N, I will have it for you on the site here. Just be sure to keep coming back to see it all.

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